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Brief History

JourneyTM was developed by Santa Monica Studios, thatgamecompany, and first published by Sony as a PlayStation 3 exclusive on March 13, 2012. Throughout its history, the community has arranged for anniversary celebrations every year on that date: creating art, posters, sharing old memories, and replaying the game as a Red Robe.

Until now, there hasn't been a centralized location that aimed to house these creations from this wonderful community.

For the 10th Anniversary, we have created this tribute page and the Journey Journal to showcase the memories and works of our dear travelers.

Anniversary Media

Journey Community Group Projects

Video by Journey Community on Various Platforms. Length: 6:09 minutes.
Recognized by thatgamecompany™
as the official community tribute video via Twitter

Video by Knock-knock-joke, Myachik Wilson, ThatNBMicrowaveMeal, with Thanks to Paleologos on N/A. Length: 2:49 minutes.

Media Publications

Your Journey Art

Fan Art

Event Posters

Winning Poster for the 10th Anniversary

Posters of Previous Anniversaries

If you happen to have 1st, 2nd, 3rd Anniversary posters saved somewhere, please let us know! Seshatienosco (talk) 14:45, 21 March 2022 (UTC)

These are the previous winners of the posters over the past anniversaries with artist name and anniversary in parenthesis:

Your Journey Videos

Red Robe Tower Quick by Laschinsky

It was an honor for me to finally fly up this Tower in one go. With full respect to the developers and the journey game, i want to show how fun it is, and what things are possible in the Tower Level. This 10th Anniversary is a good moment to show that.

This took my several month to manage this upfly. It needs a perfect control of flying through the recharging symbols. Even after i done it ones, it took me a while to do this again. Its pretty tuff i can say, and the Journey-Fans wants to see that i think. — Laschinsky

Video by Laschinsky

Your Journey Experience

Furrican's Journey Experience

(18 pages)

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Journey Journal Entries

Click "Show All Entries" hyperlink to expand the journal, then scroll down to read stories from our community!

Journey journal cover.png

Table of Contents

"I just listened to the Journey Symphony" - by Maoman1

..So I'm just going to describe what I can and see where it takes me:

My wife told me to come find this subreddit and talk about it with others who have played the game to try and process this experience. I expect this to take me a while to write, so for reference (mostly my own), it is 10:55pm as of beginning this post.

I first started playing the Symphony intending it to be background music as I did some reorganization in my living room. At some point, I think near the end of Road of Trials, I sat down in my speaker's sweet spot to better appreciate a particularly beautiful section. I didn't get up again. I sat there, absorbed in the music, for the entire rest of the performance, and... at some point I started crying, but it was strange. ...Read More

"A Wholesome Story" - by LordHepta

A few years ago I made a very special friend in Journey.  We traveled just about the whole game together and we reached the bridge that connects one side of the mountain to the other.  I think my finger slipped on the joystick and my little Journeyer just fell all the way down.  I was really bummed because I thought the person I was with wasn’t going to wait for me.  I was wrong though cause they fell all the way down with me!  We kept giving chirps of encouragement to each other and finished the game together :) I’ve also had people draw me hearts in the snow and I get all warm inside

"Stepped into the Desert and found a Paradise" - by ThatRandomWayfarer

How I Started

I found out about Journey when one of my best friends recommended the game on PS4 a while back - but didn't actually start playing it until the start of the pandemic in 2020.

I remember waiting patiently for the download to finish and starting the game on a Friday night. I didn't know anything about the game - and to this day - I still believe that is the BEST way to experience it.

Base PS4 Knowledge & Playstyle

I've only played games and changed settings or options once my sibling was working on a particular game - hence I've never used the PS4 outside of that context.

My main playstyle for gaming is heavily exploration/farm-based, as I serve as the grinder for my sibling's games on their PS4. Over the years, I was used to spending time and repeating actions in one area or level to find all the collectibles or drops that were possible on the map as a way to relax after work and helping out my sibling.

The types of games that they played hammered in the fact if you pass through to the next area or level even once - that specific item or ability might not be available afterward – permanently.

How This Affected My Journey

As a result, I became attuned to expecting clear save points or tutorials regarding menus and was paranoid about making sure to save.

Unfortunately, Journey had NONE of these things!

Combining all these habits that were ingrained - plus the way the music and cutscenes flowed - all culminated in an unusual experience.

Total time for my first playthrough? ~8 hours.

Crazy isn't it?

Stepping into the Desert: My First Playthrough Experience

Entity Terminology

I thought the game would tell me what the various entities were called. When it didn't, I decided to make up names for them: ...Read More

"Journey Flow" - by Soulfly

Follow me in to the desert beneath a guiding sun.
Let's drift across the moving sands and learn to flow as one.
Because just ahead behind the haze a mountain casts its glow.
For both of us a journey waits to unfold as we flow.

We traveled up the dusty dunes and down the sandy slopes.
Slid on through the endless ruins of forgotten dreams and hopes.
To a place down below where dragons line the walls.
Ancestries come to life as we tread on through these halls.

A tower stands undisturbed; lifeless and silently.
Together we will chime a song to rouse it from its sleep.
The tower wakes, warm manna flows and shows us a tale untold.
A whale chimes and sings farewell as we head on towards the cold.

Now here we go..
into the snow..
The wind blows...
Cloaks froze... mountain glows... whirlwind grows... conscious... goes...

Follow me in to a cyclone that leads to a great divine.
Where mountains flow streams that glow and the moon is frozen in time.
Where we'll soar real high through a mystic sky on our way to a bridge of light.
Here our journey ends, 'thank you, friend' we nod with chirps as it fades to white.

Open for Entries

If you would like to be featured on this page, please see 10th Anniversary Submissions Rules for details and steps on how to send us your art, video, or stories of your experience!

We will be collecting entries for the entirety of 2022 and uploading them here on a rolling basis as entries come in.

If you have any questions or need help to submit your entry, please reach out to the #forum_wiki channel on Journey Community Discord.