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10th Anniversary entry steps, rules and info.[]

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Journey wiki's 10th Anniversary tribute page!


The 10th Anniversary tribute page is in honor of the game Journey and its game community over the course of a decade. It is made up of original works from members of the Journey fan base to show respects for the 10th Anniversary of this beloved game.

We would love to see an original work from you that is related to Journey and/or the 10th Anniversary!

Such as:

  • Journey Art
    • Paintings
    • Digital art
    • Sketches
    • Crafts
    • Music
    • Animated clips
  • Your Journey Experience - The Journey Journal
    • Written, video or audio testimony


Please review the Rules & Details, then use the steps below to submit your entry.
*We recommend uploading from Desktop

  1. If you are planning to submit a text-only entry, please go to the Journey Journal. Otherwise, please continue to the next step.
  2. Before uploading your file(s), edit your file name to this format: author-title-10thAnni-page #.ext (i.e. AuthorName-CoolEntryTitle-10thAnni-page 1.png)
    NOTES: The author in the file name is what will be publicly listed. The title is the title you would like to list with the entry. The page number in the file name is used to identify what order the files should be displayed in if needing to upload multiple files for an entry.
  3. Check that you are logged in (or if you don't have an account already, register here) before attempting the next steps.
  4. After clicking the Submit Entry button at the bottom of this page, on the next page click the Upload Button.png (Mass Upload) button from the editor toolbar and select the file(s) for upload.
  5. Click the Upload Button.png Upload All button after the file has been selected to upload the file(s).
  6. Click the Save button at bottom of page, your file(s) should be added for submission.

*revised Feb. 20, 2022.

Thank you!

  • All entries must have file or page name formatted properly (see steps) before upload.
  • Submission must be related to Your Journey Experience and/or the Journey 10th Anniversary.
  • Entries received by March 1st and adherent to rules will be featured in time for the anniversary.
    • After March 1st, entries will be accepted until the end of 2022 and uploaded on a rolling basis.
    • Received materials will be processed AS IS by the Wiki Team.
    • Content with multi-layers/pages must be able to fit in a gallery format.
  • Uploads must be in one of the following formats and not larger than 10MB:
    • .PNG .JPG/.JPEG, .GIF, .MP3, .MP4
  • You must be the original creator of the submission and its contents (e.g. text, art, video, etc.).
    • No borrowed, copyrighted, or stolen works.
    • Submissions requesting Youtube video embedding should edit the original submission after upload and include the link and a brief description about the video within the file details on the file page.
    • Youtube only submissions should first upload the video's cover image file, then after upload, edit the image file page to include the Youtube link and a brief description that should be listed with the video.
  • Entry must NOT contain:
    • Hyperlinks or files needing external sources for viewing.
    • Profanities in any language or graphic materials not suited for all ages.
    • Personally identifiable information (i.e. real names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
    • References to other players' gamer I.D.'s or social media handles without their permission.
    • Any self-promotions or solicitations.
  • Entries may be removed or excluded without notice for any reason at the discretion of the wiki administration.