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Ambush room war machine glitching
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Depending on glitch, knowledge of the UG OOB.
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This article describes glitches / bugs that happen with War Machines in the Ambush Room in the Underground level.

The Wiki is always gathering information about Glitches and how to do them, at the moment the article describes the most common happenings in this room.

What is it?[]

The lying War Machine will normally attack when the leading carpet arrives in front of the two War Machines.

Avoiding the Carpet or the WM attack trigger, can cause several things. There are different methods to avoid those triggers. Going

  • fast(er then the Carpet)
  • going around the trigger
  • going OOB

WM does not get destroyed, lying WM invisible[]

There are several ways to make this glitch happen

By going OOB

One way is connected to OOB. You need to go there to avoid hitting the Carpet trigger at the Jellyfish room exit. If the lying machine has nothing to attack (there will be no Carpet), it will just keep on lying there.

Once you come back to this room from OOB, you will see the statue WM still up, while the lying WM is missing. If you walk towards the place where the lying WM should be, you will recognise that you are able to walk on it, since its there but invisible. Why it is in that state is unkown (does it matter? :)).

Out of experience: both players will see the same.[1]

Without going OOB

Another way is to pass the Ambush room above the WM statue in the center to avoid the WM attack trigger and activate the WM flying past the window right after that.

The moment you enter the Ambush room turn right (or left), go to the WM statues near the wall and climb up to one of the highest of them.

After that fly right below the turning machine, there will be a ledge on your right (left), land on it. This height is enough to avoid the WM attack trigger.

From the first ledge you can fly to the next one or up to the turning machine (or even higher). The goal it to reach the other side without falling too low. You can even circle the room several times, just don't jump down.

When you're close to the exit, aim to the highest point of the S-shaped tunnel entrance and fly near the tunnel ceiling to the first turn. Land somewhere close to the corner, make sure to cross the light patch either by flying over it or walking across it. It's important to make the WM invisible.

Now turn back to the Ambush room. If you look out of the window on you left, you'll see WM flying past it. It means that the next trigger is activated and the WM is no more visible in the Ambush room. But since the attack never happened, it is still there.

Go back to the Ambush room and enjoy the view :)

Video that shows this route

Video by kandiana on Steam. Length: 2:40 minutes.


It is possible to do the trick with a companion, but you should be careful. If your companion falls down too early and activates their WM, while you finish the trick, you will get disconnected due to different states of the game. And the problem is that you can't undo any of it, so connecting back will be impossible on this level.

The same thing will happen if your companion falls too far behind and you activate the next trigger before they can catch up. But this time connecting back might be possible, if your companion finishes doing the trick. Needs investigation, though...

Video that shows the glitch[]

Video by bongsadist on Steam. Length: 6:37 minutes.

WM does not get destroyed, lying WM visible[]

War Machine being not attacked, lying War Machine visible

This happened without going OOB.

The following story happened on the PC version (should be possible on PS3/4 too):

I was flying with my companion from Jellyfishroom to the first WM. We dived a bit and were pretty fast.

We passed the standing WM on left side while flying. Nothing happend.

We went to the corridor and back to see if it attacks then. Nothing.

The carpet had some spasms (at least on my side) when passing the WM. When we came back it behaved rather normal.

The carpet was not seeable for my companion.

Sidenote: before that my companion crashed right after the attack, so we had to restart underground (i dont think this is connected though). — Ravingmadness

It can be made nearly the same way as the invisible WM. Follow instructions to get the invisible WM without going to OOB, but this time make sure NOT to cross the light patch in the S-shaped tunnel. Land just before the turn and go back to the Ambush room. The WM will be lying there, visible but safe :)

And if you go back and cross the light patch (activate the WM flying past the window), the lying WM will disappear.

Video that shows both visible and invisible WMs

Video by kandiana on Steam. Length: 3:29 minutes.

WM does get destroyed, lying WM invisible[]

Specifics to this are missing.

Before the video: extended tour through OOB, forth and back in the level and OOB, also a WM capture...

Video by bongsadist on PS3. Length: 01:00 minutes.

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I love the fact, that it is possible to save the Carpet from being eaten <3
~ ravingmadness

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  1. Ravingmadness, 2020-09-09