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A player backflips by dropshooting into a statue

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What it is[]

A back-flip, or side-flip, is an animation that can be triggered under a number of specific circumstances. While not a flying trick in of itself, it can add flavor to your flying tricks, or even sometimes be used as part of a trick of its own.

How to trigger it[]

While the specifics are still being investigated, the following methods have been confirmed:


  • Running head-on into an obstacle during any sort of dive (including dropshooting)


  • Running into an obstacle at a strong-enough angle (e.g. 45 degrees) during any sort of dive (including dropshooting)

If your flight/dive is interrupted, it will also interrupt the dive.

It has been also been known to occur at times in these circumstances, though the specific triggers are unknown:

  • Jumping off rocks while sand-surfing (might be depending on which leg is the front leg when surfing[1])

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  1. Rebi on discord.