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Banners (also called Ribbons) are long pieces of cloth found in various parts of Journey.

Banner (inactive)

Occurrence, appearance, behavior[]

First appearance is in the Chapter Select area. Activated via touch or chirp, these will disappear and free the Flyers.

A banner is a huge ribbon, they often are found growing out of derelict War Machines. Longer banners are also called Kelp, they can be found in the Underground level and in Paradise.


  • You can activate banners either with a chirp or by touching it and sliding up/down. Some players use chirp, some don't; it's a matter of personal preference. Silent activation can contribute to the atmosphere especially when playing solo or on a Silent Sunday.
  • You will see the animation where it's activated and where not (symbols on cloth).
  • Some people try to Faceplant Jump onto banners, even trying to activate them like that.

Special cases[]

  • Gary and Larry are the only named kelp instance in the game (though they may not be actual banner cloth species).
  • Banners hanging in the Whale Room look very similar to banner creatures but they only move slightly when touched. They also appear to be suspended from the ceiling rather than growing from the ground. It is not clear whether they are the same species, or more like special scarves (from the Ancestors or something like that).




It is possible to glitch banners in various ways.

Banners won't activate[]

This clip shows a banner in Pink Desert that wouldn't activate for one player.

See this clip:

Making the banners stay flat[]

See: Screensaver Tricks

At some banners (possibly all, though it hasn't been tested) it is possible to make them move via pressing touchpad/start. You sit parallel/behind the banner, distance should be so the banner can reach you, if bent to the ground. Sit down and press Start multiple times to activate and deactivate the screensaver, it might take some time but then suddenly the banner will be bent to the ground and with some luck even picking you up. This will look to your companion as if you just start flying while sitting.

See this clip:


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