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Beam Down

Beaming down is a flying technique that requires a Companion. It involves levitating down very slowly while staying close enough for both Wayfarers to glow. This trick is a nice way to make a pause in the game and appreciate its beauty in silence, moving the camera around as you slowly fall. It's a very relaxing trick, often followed by big "We did it" chirps.

How to do it?[]

Difficulty: Medium-SMALL-75x43.gif Mostly depends on timing.

Beaming down is usually slightly easier to perform compared to coasting when new to flying with a Companion, though it can take some attemps to get in place depending on the Companion and yourself.

There are multiple ways to start a beam down:

  • While practicing with a friend to whom you can suggest the idea:
    • Find a place, maybe a ledge, where you can both walk off at the same time, while touching each other. Maybe walk both slowly, if you play with a controller, for a better synchronization. You will start to sink slowly, while still being in touch and glowing.
    • Both align on the same floor level, and start to tandem fly vertically until you hit an invisible roof. Then drop down at the same time while touching. You can make a "3, 2, 1, drop" countdown with your chirps or voice if speaking. You can try this trick over and over again easily, because you will hit the invisible ceiling again when flying up, after a failed attempt. If you do this near a ledge, try to both move a little over the ledge before starting to fall, in order to beam down for longer.
  • While playing with a random Companion, the 2 previous techniques can be tried but won't necessarily be understood by the other wayfarer. Usually beaming down with an unknown companion happens after tandem flying very high over a nice place. If you see your companion stop to move forward and keep jumping in place, chirping a lot, it could mean they would like to beam down right here. It can take time for you to understand this signal the first times it happens to you in-game, but you will understand it better over time, like many companion things Journey-related. Chirp a lot and jump at the same time, while timing it with your companion's position, until you both reach the same height together, and drop. It can take some time at first but you will get better at it with practice. When having already done 1 beam down with a companion, they often want more (and you as well, because it's fun you know?), and the next time it happens you will be more prepared to spot their signal!
  • If you both coast into a wall it can grant you an instant and easy beam down.

Some advices:[]

  • Try to chirp a lot (big chirps preferably) so your companion is constantly glowing when trying to sync with them. It will also make their jumps less high, which will make the alignment easier.
  • If you feel like you are a little far away from your companion horizontally when starting the beam down you can quickly get closer with a light left stick/keyboard touch.
  • If you are close to your companion but a bit too low when starting to beam down, instead of jumping up you can try to press the left stick ever so slightly on a controller, or wiggle. This will make you rise very slowly to prevent a further disconnect. Continue to chirp when doing this (as should your companion) to keep on glowing.

Common mistakes[]

Jumping once more than needed and fail an opportunity to beam down. It can be long sometimes to manage it...

Why Does it Work?[]

Anything that makes you glow (e.g. your companion's chirp or beeing touched by any cloth creature) seems to slow down your fall speed. You are just taking advantage of that.


  • It is possible to levitate with Nick although he'll need a bit of a push (the same goes for any AFK companion)


Drop through the air connected to each other without chirping. Float down connected side by side.
~ Stoicmom on discord

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