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Beta WM

Beta War Machines (Beta WMs) are heavy machines resembling a perching bird with two sets of wings, somewhat similar in appearance to War Machines found in the game, but also distinctly different. Their apparent purpose was to defend the ancient civilization's cities during the war.

Beta WM images could be seen in early game versions (hence the name), most notably in the June 2011 beta update as covered in the Development article.

In the released game, Beta WMs are only found in the Sunken City level (surrounding the lowest part of the slide) and in the Credits sequence showing the same area. They can be inspected up close in Sunken City if going out-of-bounds (details can be found in the Sunken City OOB article).



  • These things are actually called War Machines in game files.
  • The scary monsters known in the community as War Machines are called "Mech Guardians" or "Mech Statues" in game files.
  • Although there are no in-game images (murals or tapestries) showing both types of WMs together, the placement of bird-like Beta WMs in the actual game suggests that they might have been used (unsuccessfully) to defend the city from the snake-like War Machines coming from Underground. There is no evidence to support this theory though.


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