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Black Cloth disconnect bug can happen in certain levels, on PS4. Reported on PC only twice.

Black Cloth (Disconnection Bug)
Black cloth rebmakash.jpg
A companion disconnecting
PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif

What is it?[]

A glitch that happens when a companion's game crashes or a specific way of disconnecting happens.

All cloth becomes black

  • for some seconds or
  • even permanently,
  • but the Robe of the player stays normal.

The Black Cloth glitch is seen as indicator of getting PS4 Infinite Flight (IF).

There seem to be different kinds of this glitch.

A Talk:Black Cloth article can be added for more discussion and information.

How to get it[]

Note: Everything in this article is to gather information about this glitch, if something happens two times it doesnt mean that it works like that / is caused by only this one thing that happened when the glitch occured.

"How to get it" - randomly in certain levels, the Companion vanishes/dusts when the Black Cloth appears.

More important is information on how to act after the Black Cloth appeared, to get the Infinite Flight. See below.

Here is what we found out so far:[]

This is the bug which may cause PS4 Infinite Flight.

Levels in which Black Cloth appears:

This list is based on reports from long term players, sorted by frequency most-least reported:

  • Paradise
  • Tower
  • (Chapter Select, see information below)

If you ever notice it, you can go immediately to Chapter Select to get Infinite Flight, or:

You proceed to Paradise where all cloth creatures might be black and you might have IF. Since connecting to a Companion will make you lose the IF, it should be recommended to go offline to go to Paradise.

Permanent Black Cloth[]

Seems to be even more rare, Black Cloth normally only lasts ~3 seconds.

After having Black Cloth flash in Tower: "After the credits you might have Infinite Flight in CS and maybe permanent black cloth."[1]
"I had permanent black cloth in cs and bb.

Idk how I got the permanent black cloth. I didn't have infinite flight in paradise.

I just started up the game, got to the end of cs, the cloth flashed black, and there we were.

It persisted into bb. Also was accompanied by infinite flight.

I suspect I had a companion in paradise whose game crashed, and I just didn't notice the black flash.

But I don't remember whether the ps4 was in sleep mode or if it had been turned off that day.

The game was likely still running. — Monsieur Debris, 2020-11-10, on Discord Further talks hinted to the PS4 sleep mode. "So maybe the Infinite Flight was triggered and kept. Maybe the game was still running after finishing the one Journey where an unrecognised Black Cloth flash happened, the console put into sleep mode and not turned off. Upon starting a new Journey, IF and permanent Black Cloth appeared."[2]

Investigation, Information collection[]

  • Rebmakash got Black Cloth and later Invisible scarf. Though we do not know, if Rebmakash would have had IF, when going to Chapter Select.
In the Temple, all the jellies turned black for a few seconds and my companion vanished.

Then after the ancestor cutscene, my scarf vanished, though it was clear I could still fly.

~ Rebmakash
  • Report about both players getting Black Cloth and no one crashing:
I contacted my companion after completing the game and they said they saw the same thing, so neither of us crashed. The black cloth was only around for 10 seconds, tops, and likely less.
~ Rebmakash
Hm, weird. Ive never heard of this happening without a crash. ...
~ Rebi

The UG infinite flight[]

see Infinite Flight (IF).

The UG infinite flight is different from the black cloth/game crashing kind.[1]

PC version Black Cloth[]

This was only reported twice.

In Broken Bridge: We do not know what happened before, if the Companion crashed etc. There is only this video:

Video by HeavyliciousFD on PC. Length: 0.32 minutes.

In Paradise:

See Ghost#Report from 2021-09 by Ten.


Black Cloth in Tower / Black Whale[]

There was also a time "where he had permanent black cloth while his companion in tower was still connected, and seki could hear their chirps"[3]

Video by seki albatross on PS4. Length: 1.18 minutes.

Black Cloth in Tower, showing the moment when the bug appears for some seconds[]

Video by seventhDec on PS4. Length: 1 minutes.

Black Cloth in Paradise[]

and Sky Painting

Video by seki albatross on PS4. Length: 14 minutes.


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