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Black Sand
Black sand PD 1 lightsalotte.png
happens randomly

What is it?[]

Black Sand in Broken Bridge.

A glitch known to occur on PS4. Occurs on the level load, and (as you might have guessed) causes the sand to be black.

It starts randomly and is very rare or just not reported often.

See the images and videos below, to get an impression on how the glitch looks like in different levels.

How and where to do it[]

Black Sand in Underground.

"How" seems to be random, but "apparently it's more likely to happen if the console has been running for a while. Somehow making the game lose the reference of the sand texture and that happens, I believe."[1] [2]

In this section we can collect quotes from people that reported the glitch, to find out what it causes and maybe be able to reproduce it constistently. Ravingmadness (talk) 16:16, 12 July 2020 (UTC)

I opened my game up last night and forgot that I was at the UG level. So I decided to see if anyone else was in the level to play with. I found a red robe and accompanied them.

Once we got to the snow level, that's when all the snow/sand turned black. I'm sure when I turn the game off itll go back to normal. If not, I can definitely mention that here (the discord server). But it does make sense that it's a rare texture glitch.

I'm sure restarting the game back up will refresh it and it ll go back to normal.

I hit new game and it still continues.

(after closing the game:)

I started up Journey and the glitch is gone. But once you do get the glitch, it'll stay throughout the game even if you beat it. It goes away when you close the game.

~ lightsalotte 2020-07-10, on Discord

Images and Videos[]

Two videos, Black Sand in Sunken City, while trying to get Zimcloak.[]

Video by Cang_moon on PS4. Length: 1 minutes.

Video by Cang_moon on PS4. Length: 1 minutes.

Black Sand, Pink Desert[]

Video by Nichero 4 on PS4. Length: 9:50 minutes.


. . .


In all my 8 yrs of playing I've NEVER seen this glitch before!!
~ lightsalotte

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  1. Zuki 2020-07-10, on Discord
  2. Rebi on discord, says "any time a level loads on ps4 you roll the dice for black sand. you can leave your game running for days, or at least never close application only suspend if you need to and use rest mode to increase your chances"