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Carpet(s) in the pit at the end of SC
Carpet at pit lowqual domes2072.JPG
Sunken City, depending on method also SC OOB
For the iOS version you probably need a controller .
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What is it?[]

You can make upto 3 Carpets in Sunken City follow you down to the end of the level from Rest area.

With proper timing, its possible to have Carpet(s) visible in the History Lesson too.

How and where to do it[]

Carpets in SC vision Ten.jpg

Explanation in text is missing! if someone understands the specfics / one method, please add instructions here.


Video by Nico Buis[]
Video by Nico Buis on PS4. Length: 07:21 minutes.

Video by Domes2072[]
Video by Domes2072 on PS3. Length: 6.06 minutes.

Video in Japanese and japanese subtitles[]

It contains enough hints, to be able to reproduce it.

I use that method often to capture carpets, just from what I've notice there's a few things that are important, some more obvious than others.

1) If the 4th carpet is released it wont work.

2) The carpet touches the wayfarer twice before it flies away and stops following

3) In my experience you have to fly above the music trigger when exiting the rest area/pit. (should be checked)

4) More specfically for this method, sometimes you need to trick the carpets while charging, like charge at right side , but take off from the left, which gives just enough extra distance so that the carpet doesn't catch up and touch. — Soulfly on Discord. 2021-05-14

Video by Seki albatross on PS4. Length: 07:30 minutes.

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Carpets have families too, don't forget to lead the carpets back home after the fun is done.