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Remember that by reading further then the Overview you might get exposed to spoilers! The Wiki intends to describe every little detail and background knowledge (as soon as available and verified).

Detailed help for Trophies, Glyphs and Symbols are given under that headline. In the Sections part, there will be just hints.

Broken Bridge
2, BB
Left Side
Right Side, Bridge
Training ground
Alternative Names:[]

Threshold, Barrens


  • Broken Bridge is the level were you learn more about cloth and how to use it.

At start you will see the level from high ground, the camera will turn to the left to show you the first symbol.

You are in a wide canyon and there seems to be no way out.

There are only some pillars leading from start to the end of the level.

Through exploring the ground you will find out how to build the missing parts of the bridge.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif How to "solve" the level.
Head to the big Banners.

One right below you, after entering, two on the left side on a hill and one on the right side.

Activate them

  • through touching and sliding along them or
  • stand close to the Banner, press and hold the chirp/sing button until a big "Chirp" is released.
  • The bridge will be built and you can just walk over the banners to the end with the statue.
Spoilers end here.

The level ends after watching the vision at the Statue and walking through the corridor to the next level.


The other bridges, to the left and right of the level.


Bridge part while being "built".

You walk out of the corridor and the game shows you some camera slides over the level, to give you an overview about the things to be found there.

The camera zooms to you and from there you gain back control and can start exploring.

There are several "routes" to take, after some playthroughs you might develop your favorite route through the level.

Some people head directly to the left, if they saw the Symbol.

Others jump straight down and activate the first Banner:

  • through touching and sliding along them or
  • standing close to the Banner, pressing and holding the chirp/sing button until a big "Chirp" is released. The sound bubble must reach the Banner.

Looking down to the left side.

Left Side[]

Big banner on the right side, to activate bridge banners.

The level is limited to the left and right by a stone barrier and a wind wall that pushes you back if you go too far / push too much.

Behind it you can see other broken bridges in the distance.

There are several short banners sticking out of grey structures.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif About those grey parts
Only later in the game you will find out that those are parts of Machines that crashed / got destroyed, probably long time ago.
Spoilers end here.

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif Activating the short banners will release little cloth pieces called Flyer. They will fill your Scarf with Symbols, thus giving you energy to fly. If the chirp bubble reaches them, they will come and lift you up, even more if you chirp a second time while still being close enough.

The Banners and Symbols will also refill your scarf.

  • Two Symbols to find on this side
  • Two big Banners to activate the third and forth part of the Bridge
  • 3 shorter banners and 3 more under the bridge
  • a little group of flyer behind the structure with the banners

A Wayfarer on the way to the end of the level (light).

Right Side[]

  • One Symbol
  • One Glyph
  • One big banner. After being activated flyers will build the second part of the bridge
  • One shorter banner, that helps to get up to the Symbol
  • A little group of flyer at the grey structure, to help you get up to the banner

The shrine and a posing player

Activated shrine


If it wasnt activated at the start of the level, you will see the last big banner at the start of the bridge.

The bridge ends at the Shrine. There are 14 stones on the last platform and a statue. The squares at the bottom of the statue will tell you how many symbols you found, if the stone is not lit it means you missed that symbol. You can go back down and still get them.

When activated (by chirping or touching) the stones will

  • emit symbols floating to the middle of the platform
  • a light circle will appear on the ground
  • the statue will lit up with a vibrant/shiny white color

Stepping into the light circle will trigger a cutscene, also called vision or History Lesson.

On the way to the next level.

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif If you step into the light and it takes your Companion too long to follow, you and them will be alone after the vision. This is mentioned here, since its the first level where you can meet Companions, its valid for all light circles.

A corridor will lead to the next level, the game will start the saving process when going to the next level.

Tips and Tricks[]

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif Connection and Companion hints[]

  • General hints on connection and specifically for this level can be found here: To connect or to disconnect!
  • Activating the bridge banners while the Companion is far away (can not see you when activating) can cause a disconnect at time.
  • Often people try to meet each other in this level. If you meet someone that promptly dusts on you, maybe several times: Activate a bridge part, so when they try the next time, they will not connect to you when they enter the level. Or just finish the level quickly.
  • If you like to train or relax alone in this level: watch the vision first, so other people can meet without running into you first (if no bridge banners activated, you will be the first person to get someone that enters the level).
  • Showing how to sit on a banner (see below) might help first runs to find the button for sitting (especially on keyboard that might be harder to find out). Some might be just confused and will fly on to the end of the bridge (curiosity) though.


  • At some bridge banners you can sit down and get "picked up" and floating down in meditation position. You can not start sitting while on the banners: Fly to the end of a bridge banner. Sit down between pillar and cloth. It might take some tries, just try to sit and if it doesn't work, stand up move a bit and try again. Your companion can push you onto that banner too.
  • Before going to the next level, walk through the sandfalls at the side of the corridor to get sand on your robe. Little chirps will now create little dust clouds around you.

Trophies, Glyphs, Symbols[]

Glyph behind sandfall



Main article: Trophies#Threshold

Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it. Hints are given at the Trophies article.

The Glyph.


Main article: Ancient Glyphs

The Glyph is located on the right side of the Bridge, towards the end of the level. Its hidden behind a sandfall, but one might be able to see parts of it through the sand.


Three Symbols to find in this level. There is no "right" sequence for picking the symbols.

First symbol is the one that you see already when entering the level and looking from above to the left.

Then its only natural to move forward on the left side, where you see two big Banners and from there you can already see the Symbol a the tiny cave.

Leaving the cave head to the left, which is to the right side of the bridge. The little banners can be used to refill your Scarf, as well as the Flyer that are released after activating the banner.

While flying or walking to the right side of the bridge, you will see some caves to your left side. Rather to the end is a big cave, with an Ancient Glyph in it. The Symbol is on top of the cave.

Symbol locations galleries[]


List to be expanded!

  • The not solid rock nearby the first symbol on the left side (if you sit in it, just your head sticks out). Your companion can help you to get into the right position with pushing you when sitting.
Video by bongsadist on PC. Length: 0:20 minutes.

  • Infinite sliding:
Companions sliding BB.png

Easy-SMALL-75x43.gif Find a spot where you start sliding and keep on pressing forward (or a bit left and right to avoid hitting rocks and hills). A jump might help to start sliding.

Video by seki albatross on PS4. Length: 4 minutes.

  • Going back to the start could be also considered a sight, since it gives a great view. As well as standing on the pillars on bridge parts in the middle of the level. With some trying and skill it is possible to go back up; easy with a chirping Companion, flyer or the bridge banner will charge your scarf to fly.


  • The Broken Bridge level is called "Barrens" in the code.[1]
  • In the original concept, this area was called "Waterfall".
  • The level looks like a big canyon, it seems that the sand from the next level Pink Desert is flooding over to this level. Sandfalls are on the North side of the level.
  • The various rock formations on the canyon's floor are called "River Rocks" in game files, suggesting that the area was in fact a river before it dried out.
  • The infinite sliding around in the sand might be also a left over from early game development: The Story of Journey, Youtube video.
  • As seen in this YT video, public beta, there were more stones to activate the vision. After the last stone at the right you can still find one of those, though it is invisble. Related: Developer mistakes.
  • The level is used by many Journeyers of different skill level to meet or train their flying and tricks. The area offers many possibilities to learn those. The Wiki is at least mentioning many of them, some are lacking detailed description though. Its recommended to first do some playthroughs, to understand how the game works, get the chance to see them, when a Companion does them etc. before digging into the advanced things in Journey.


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