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Carpet (Glitched)
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This article is about different glitches, therefore different difficulty. Information on which platforms the glitch works should be given at that article.

What is it?[]

Article to gather all Carpet glitches. Work in progress.

Naturally there are quite some Carpet Glitches in the Pink Desert level. The "Warpet" - Carpet Warp method is used to enter the big OOB in PD and Carpets can help to enter the last tower in PD too.

Carpet Chase[]

Main article: Carpet Chase

Make a Carpet follow you through the Pink Desert.

See also: Frederick (Glitched) Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif If the following video show a Frederick trick or just a normal carpet is not identified. As well as steps that might have happend before this trick:

Video by 'Zim Zeconcept on PS4. Length: 0:30 minutes.

Carpet Warp[]

Main article: Carpet Warp

is a community term used to describe a method where one player gets quickly transferred with a Carpet to another place.

Offsync Carpets in Pink Desert[]

You can also force an off-sync state by activating different things and then connecting to your companion. Example: If the host in PD releases smaller carpets and connects to a client with 0 carpets, the hosts carpets will be sent out-of-bounds.[1]

Sticky Carpet (SC)[]

Main article: Sticky Carpet (SC)

is a glitch in the Sunken City level that makes Carpet creature stick to your head and while sitting in the slide sections.

Frozen Carpets (SC)[]

Main article: Frozen Carpets (SC)

is a glitch in the Sunken City level that makes carpet creatures get stuck in certain locations.

Bring a Carpet to the pit (SC)[]

You can make upto 3 Carpets in Sunken City follow you down to the end of the level from Rest area.

With proper timing, its possible to have Carpet(s) visible in the History Lesson too.

Glitching the leading Carpet (UG)[]

Requires OOB knowledge.

See Underground (Glitches), Glitches with Carpets.

Inactive Carpets (Paradise)[]

No OOB needed.


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Broadly speaking, a glitch is where something in the game does something it wasn't meant to. We do not distinguish between a "wanted Glitch" and actual bugs.
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