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Carpet Chase
Pink Desert (PD)
White Robe. As Red Robe you cannot flee for a long time.
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Carpet Chase is a trick in which a player flies away from a Carpet creature to avoid being "captured" after triggering the Carpet's "helping mode" (in which it is programmed to lift the player to a predetermined location).

How to do it[]

The place were Frederick is released

In the Pink Desert level, Frederick is programmed to come and pick you up after you release the first group of Carpets from the broken War Machine. Follow these steps to initiate a Carpet Chase:

  • Activate the banner and just drop down or stand near it.
  • Wait about 6 to 7 seconds (or a bit more if you are fast and can fly away quickly).
  • Quickly fly away from the Carpet, to the south / start of the level direction seems logical, since the terrain is flatter there to escape easily (advanced flying techniques such as Dropshoot (DS) and Dive Boost (DB) will help to gain speed).
  • Frederick will still try to pick you up, following you rather quickly.
  • It will follow you until it touches you and picks you up (sometimes, maybe due to too much distance Frederick will stop following).
  • It might not always work depending on your timing: sometimes Frederick will get you right away, sometimes you will start flying away too early and he will not chase you.

Difficulty: A short carpet chase is just a timing thing. To be able to flee for longer time, you will need above mentioned Fancy Flying techniques.


  • "Lolololol" by Stoicmom.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Further Tips and Tricks[]

  • A good cue on when to start running away is to wait for the camera to start moving by itself after the carpets are freed, or the exact moment the grids freeing the carpets are completely closed again.
  • It is possible to get chased by multiple carpets at a time if you trigger the ones near the ending tower by getting close to them (it might be harder to trigger them properly). See video below. These carpets are much faster than Frederick and way harder to escape for a long time.
  • Similarly to a carpet chase you can get chased by the mysterious creature in the tower level or by both creatures after going near them in OOB.

Videos and Images[]

Video by Nico Buis on PS4. Length: 3:32 minutes.

Video by "nathanj" on PC. Length: 1:37 minutes.


  • Its possible to be chased across the level and even enter the vision / History Lesson (see video above)
  • If the Carpet picked you up after the chase: depending on distance, the Companion might not see Frederick under your feet.
  • If the Companion got picked up already, they won't be able to look back and see you getting picked up ; for them you will just hover / fly in the air while glowing.
  • With an experienced player, fleeing for longer time as a Red Robe should be possible.


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