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Carpet Warp

Carpet Warp is a community term used to describe a method where one player gets quickly transferred with a Carpet to another place.

What is it?[]

There is not much information about this thing. Only people that did it and understand how it works can help to fill this article :)

It is a method used to get Out of Bounds in the Pink Desert level.

A Carpet will "freak out" or the game wants to resets it postion (?). If you are on that Carpet, you will be transported with the Carpet. Since it happens quickly, its called warping.

If Carpet Warp is only possible in PInk Desert, is unkown to the Wiki. Since its strongly connected to getting OOB, information is also gathered on the PD OOB article.

What's known so far[]

Carpet Warp recquires a Companion that knows what to do and when.

To make it work, the right position, timing and a disconnect is needed.

"In Pink Desert, if Host and Client release group wm carpets after 15 mins, the group of carpets for the Host only will be sent out of bounds, the client will still have carpets and could be the only one to send the Host out of bounds with a warp."[1] Quote about Carpet Warp and sending two persons OOB:

I Could Be Wrong, but a carpet's purpose here is to grab you and take you to a specific place.

When not triggered, a carpet may be frozen in the pd oob. When glitched, the carpet may be confused as to what state it is in, and if you can get it to grab you and hang onto you as it returns to the oob, there's your entrance.

However, from my recollection of the entrance, it requires some timing and the participation of a companion to glitch the correct carpet. Only one companion can enter the oob, and will dc from their companion left behind.

HOWEVER - your companion can then connect with a third companion, and repeat the trick, dc'd from companion #3, and likely connect with you in the pd oob. I am no master of the pd oob, so I hope if I have made an incorrect explanation, those who are can correct me.

~ MonsieurDebris 2020-05-30, discord

A person on Reddit also got this [1][]

Videos and Images[]

More Warp tutorial videos are at the Pink Desert (OOB) article.

Rebi Pink Desert Backstage Warp Tutorial[]

At the video on YouTube is also a long text explanation with more hints!!

Video by Rebi on PS4. Length: 7:40 minutes.

A suprise carpet warp[]

Quote from the comments:

Nico Buis: Nice!! i think the cause is that your companion is entered the HL, disconnection and the warpet grabbed you ;-)

Video by Nichero 4 on PS4. Length: 01:00 minutes.


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  1. Rebi, on Discord. 2021-01-14