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This category is a collection of common (community) terms used to reference material in Journey. Newcomers are often confronted with a flood of basic and advanced terms, as well as community names for certain NPCs.

The Wiki is based on things that community members found out, already when Journey came out in 2012. Since the old TGC forum got deleted, there was no common meeting point for the community anymore. Now the Journey-discord is our new home.

To re-gather information, a new forum was created. Not all information from there was transported to the Wiki yet. New forum.

Aravshetikolava did share many things on the forum and put the work into a list of common terms used by the community.

Use Ctrl-F or another search function to search for the word or abbreviation that you do not know yet.

"What does PD mean?" --> search for PD and get to know that it's the Pink Desert level.

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