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Many challenges are created and passed on by our fellow community heroes, longterm players.

Disclaimer about verifying challenges for platforms:

Since challenges are tough, not everything could be verified for all platforms. A video is proof that it works at least on the platform where the video was taken.

Most challenges here are verified for PS3/4 and PC version, not verified is the symbol take from outside the pipe.

Types of challenges[]

Challenges can be:

  • "Mini Games"
  • Need a new challenge, after the Trophies? This article is about something really hard to achieve!
  • Something to achieve for yourself or with your companion, something "to do in Journey" or a harder trick (or even glitch) OR
  • A companion challenges you: shows you a (fancy flying) route and wants you to repeat it, stands on a statue, faceplant jumps onto a little rock etc. Accept the challenge and try your best!

Note: An experienced player probably will not challenge a newcomer, since it's hard for them to get what they are supposed to do, depending on the difficulty of the challenge.

If two experienced players meet the will test each other a bit to see what each is capable of doing.

Example: Flying challenge in BB. Both are standing on top of the bridge, one will start flying to show the route, the other is watching. After the first returned, the other one tries to copy. Its hard to follow a flying route when you don't know where to go next, so it helps to just watch. Its up to you, how you handle it.

Tips & Hints[]

Will be given in spoiler tags, to give you the chance to find out on your own. Maybe you will even find new ways!

Challenges become easier, the more often you do them. They are useful to gain muscle memory for certain things.

General Challenges[]

These are things that many regular players do. They might "pause" their Journey and enjoy some time, playing "silly games".

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hint to make the landing easier / more likely
Activating the screensaver can make the banners move to a more horizontal position. It might take several tries until they react.

Landing on a "road" is easier then landing on a "pole". This also means that the banners dont (always) look the same for both players. See also Screensaver Tricks‏‎ .

Spoilers end here.
  • Flying Challenges
  • List to be expanded


In August 2021 a Challenges channel was added on the Journey Discord. Consider having a look there too! Invite link to Challenges channel (you probably need to accept the server rules, to be able to read the channel.)

Video: FPJ on the Shrine in Tower[]

(done by Apn0)

Video by apn0 on PS4. Length: 00:15 minutes.

Video: Faceplant Jump onto a gravestone[]

This is especially difficult, since those stones are bigger then the regular gravestones:

Video by Авалоки Тешвара on ?. Length: 00:12 minutes.

The triple zen jump challenge of Artistica[]

Video by Nico Buis on PS4. Length: 08:53 minutes.

Chapter Select[]

Hard-SMALL-75x43.gif Visiting Nick[]

This is not an actualy challenge, more a thing to do.

You know the Journeyer that you see at the end of the corridor, leading to the BB level? He is Nick. It will need many tries (the CB-method might be the easiest one), but you can get to him.

Speedrunners don't find it challenging anymore, they trained it hundreds times.

Broken Bridge[]

Challenge BB.png

Broken Bridge is THE level for flying challenges.

  • Flying in a certain route from the bridge and up again, without landing. This can include infinite boosting, making it possible to boost through the arches of the bridge, around pillars and back to the starting point.
  • Flying from ground up to the bridge, with specific boosting techniques or with the help of flyers.
  • A combination of both. From ground up to the bridge, through an arch (or dropshooting around the statue etc.), down again and up again. The possibilities seems endless.

Challenge BB Ava.png

Making it to the shrine from different rocks[]

Video by Авалоки Тешвара on PS3. Length: 2 minutes.

Images showing the places for challenges[]

You can use those images, to tell someone wich rock you mean. Sometimes an image is better then a whole video.

Flyer boosting, turning, close to the ground flying[]

Pink Desert[]

The floor is lava[]

Sometimes two players try to fly through the desert without touching the floor (or only to pickup a Symbol).

A challenge will be to do this, alone and still pickicking up all Symbols.

Infinite Boosting will be needed to do this. If you find other ways to do it, please report back here!

In white:

Video by David Moore on . Length: 5:01 minutes.

Or even red:

Video by Александр Кайман on . Length: 7:20 minutes.

Another red run of this challenge:

Video by Knock-knock-joke on Steam. Length: 5:40 minutes.

Dropshooting around the last tower[]

Video by TheAinshentMariner on PS4. Length: 01:12 minutes.

Hard-SMALL-75x43.gif Harder ones:[]

Tried the rather easy Carpet Chase? Now get chased by two carpets:

Diabolito's challenge : Chased by two carpets in the Pink Desert[]

(done by Nico Buis)

Video by Nico Buis on PS4. Length: 3:30 minutes.

Sunken City[]

Flying above the slide[]

You can fly across the slide, above the corridor and into OOB. With a companion this is really simple, but you can do it on your own also

Video by ostonson on PC Steam. Length: 9:02 minutes.


Easy-SMALL-75x43.gif Easy ones:[]

  • Save the golden scarves from being eaten.
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints for saving them
Find the right timing to fly over or walk under the WM that's going to be eating the flyers.

Example: entering the room and waiting until the search light is in the middle of your path, then start diving / dropshoot (DS) with some speed under the WM. There are several ways to save the flyers, we encourage you to find your personal favorite. If you are close enough, a chirp at the flyers will drag them to you, thus the search light of the WM will not see them.

Spoilers end here.

There are two times where the flyers can be attacked.

The first is via normal in-game mechanics when the war machine loops around when you exit the hallway. The second, if you save the Golden Flyers the first time, will happen when you continue further into the UG. The war machine will come toward you before the second war machine activates and will attack the flyers if they are still around.

Hard-SMALL-75x43.gif Harder ones:[]

The first Symbol and the Symbol in the Algae Room can be taken "from outside" the pipe.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Tips on how to do it! For now there is only Atens video for the first Symbol.

Symbol take, clip by AtenRyuichi[]

We would like to thank Aten for this video. Just a clip . On PS4.


Easy-SMALL-75x43.gif Easy ones:[]

  • Found the flow creature in the middle of the tower? Try to see it in the whale room. This is actually just part of knowing the Ancestors-trophy. Either look up information, or try to find out by yourself, under which circumstances the Mysterious Creature appears and where.
  • While you are in the Whale Room, find out how to sit in the tower goo. Another challenge is to teach Companions to sit on the top of the Tower and be pushed off. If they stay seated while falling down, they will slowly slide, while sitting on the ground of the Tower.
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif How to do it
The goo should be up only until half the room, when the Jellyfish appeared.

Go up to the ledge, like you would do to see the Whale in the room.

You might have to try different places: Sit down rather in the middle of the ledge. Then press the according button to activate the screensaver, move camera to deactivate the screensaver.

You should glitch through the floor, thus making you sit in the goo. Sitting is normally not working while being already in the goo.

If it doesnt work, stand up and try a slightly different place and also activating the screensaver several times.

Some companions like to do it together and try to sit in the goo close by each other.

Spoilers end here.

  • Climb the tower, without activating the Glyphs

Hard-SMALL-75x43.gif Harder ones:[]

Atens 8 jumps challenge[]

Dry climb the Tower. Then fly down while circling around the Tower, fly through the "balcony" at each room (one, not both per room).

Then boost up again, all with only 8 jumps/flaps.

(video shows aravshetikolava doing it)

Video by aravshetikolava on PS4. Length: 0:51 minutes.

Same challenge done, by Seki Albatross: 8 jumps challenge