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Main article: Glitches

Main article for gathering infos about glitches in this level.

Up-to-date list[]

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List of Glitches[]

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White robe at start of new journey[]

This is part of the game and no glitch, but was put here to prevent spoilers and give players the chance of suprise when they get it by "accident".

  • When in game as white robe, you exit to title screen or quit the game, then start a new game. You get the white robe from the very start in CS.[1]

The specifics on how to do it on IOS are missing.

White Robe denied[]


If your only missing symbol is at CS, Get the last symbol and the hub will update... but the banners for white robe will not appear.

No worries: just chapter select via options and it will update.

Gate opening and closing[]

This happened on the PC version (does not mean it happens only in this version).

No further information known about how to trigger it or why it happened.


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See Also[]

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Broadly speaking, a glitch is where something in the game does something it wasn't meant to. We do not distinguish between a "wanted Glitch" and actual bugs.
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  1. This was observed by many people since the game came out, its almost common knowledge. "Dray 27.03.2020 on discord: i noticed that trick a while ago when i had to quit mid-game sometimes and then when i restarted i still had my wc ^^"