Cloth creature

The cloth creatures comprise several species that resemble creatures from Earth, including dolphins/flying carpets, schools of fish, jellyfish, and hammerhead sharks/whales, and can be found in many of the levels in Journey.

The player comes across the flying carpet/dolphin species for the first time in the third level, where they can be freed from the ruins by pressing the Circle button. By freeing the first group, the creatures will fly over to the other cloth creatures hidden through the level, allowing for an easy way to obtain the Explore trophy. When the player presses the Circle button, the creatures will fly over and encircle the player, providing energy to their scarves. They can also be used to fly for short distances, just as the smaller pieces of cloth can.

The second species resemble schools of fish, and are encountered in the first level. They provide energy for the scarf, and when holding the circle button, can be used to fly for a small distance without the use of the scarf.

The jellyfish species simply float in place, and can be used to access higher places, since the player eventually floats to the bell of the creatures when in contact, without draining the powers of the scarf.

The fourth species of cloth creatures bears resemblance to a large hammerhead shark or some type of whale; they are extremely large, and move at a rather slow pace. One appears in The Temple and two more appear just before the player reaches the summit.


  • The cloth creatures seem to resemble carpets, with their design perhaps inspired in part by 'magic flying carpets'.
  • The creatures also appear to mirror dolphins; they chirp and click as dolphins do in pods, oftentimes when flying, they swim in accordance with the method of dolphins, sometimes dipping and rising through the sand dunes as if they were waves.

Video Guide

Journey - Trophy guide

Journey - Trophy guide

Start at 7:14 for "Explore" trophy