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Color Ripples in Paradise
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Multiple Fancy Flying techniques of your choice. Easier with a companion.
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The Color Ripples is a glitch in Paradise level where colored ripples of different intensities can be observed when walking or "water skating" on top of some waterfalls.The foam of some waterfall themselves can also become colored, as well as the symbols in the air upon touching a companion, a jellyfish...

How and where to do it[]

The glitch occurs only in the Paradise level.

PC-only-SMALL-75x43.gif: when triggering the colors, make sure to use medium or high dune settings only! It may be impossible to trigger the colors on low or ultra dune settings, though after triggering them with med or high you can revert back to low or ultra and they will remain. Other glitches on the PC version depend on dune settings.

Triggering the colors[]

To obtain the colors, you have to go on top of the final mountain, and fly toward the East.

To get on the top of the mountain you have many possibilities, here are a few ideas:

Click here to see this point on the Charge Boost article

  • With a companion, starting from the very top of the goo/yellow fluid, just before reaching the final walk inside the mountain: you can do tandem flying and try to reach a platform on the left side of the mountain instead, where you can walk upon. This platform is hard to reach this way because the flight ceiling is close to its height, but it may be the best option with a rather inexperienced companion in fancy flying (flight ceiling= when you can't jump higher anymore without first resting on a platform). After reaching it you can charge boost on the edge of this platform against the mountain itself. This CB spot is rather hard to use and stay in position, and it may be a good idea to run from right to left and vice versa in it by turning the camera. Otherwise you can just walk along this side of the mountain further West and then North, until you can climb it. Though be careful to not fall OOB under the mountain when going too far North after. As soon as the ground allows you to climb up the mountain, you should do it and not walk further North.
  • Starting from the top of the goo, you can do a level dive boost and reach the CB spot mentioned above.
  • Starting from the floor of the final walk, just before loosing your scarf on the West side you can do a Flap Boost to reach the CB platform mentionned above.

After reaching the top, with a companion you can try coasting or tandem flying for a while over the fog limit while heading East.

If solo, you can just infinite boost for a while, starting from the top of the mountain (infinite boost is easier in paradise level). If you got troubles with infinite boost maybe reverse dropshoot first to gain some momentum or altitude and then do multiple dive boost/level boosts/slow boost towards the East.

After a little while flying East (one minute or a bit more?), get back in-bounds through the wind walls, which are easy to cross from OOB side. You can aim for the stepped pools where the whales awaits you.

It doesn't seem to matter much if you fly along the south edge of the mountain, or farther North outside of the skybox when heading East. Maybe the altitude is the key NeedsToBeChecked-SMALL-75x43.gif: try to stay at the final mountain's top altitude more or less.

It might take you multiple tries before you find a good spot to trigger the colors. It is frequent to miss the triggers or only trigger a few at a time. You should not feel discouraged and try multiple times until getting some results. You can try as much as you want and may end up with more colors after every tries.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif It is possible the color triggers OOB are displayed a bit randomly North and that multiple triggers exist for a single color (similar disposition as the disco wayfarer color pattern North of UG or the disco rocks that can be found in Pink desert OOB or Paradise OOB)

Color ripples[]

The colored ripples are located on top of the very wide waterfalls surrounding the stepped pools where the whales like to chill.

While they are naturally transparent or slightly orange they can be of many different colors after triggering them as explained above.

Sometimes a portion of the color ripples remain transparent or orange-ish after triggering a few colors, so feel free to test different spots before heading up the mountain again.

Colored waterfalls and symbols[]

They seem to be triggered the same way as the color ripples, but having color ripples doesn't always mean having colored waterfalls. It is also possible to have colored symbols but normal ripples,...

Each waterfall's foam is only 1 color at a time, though 2 nearby foams can be of 2 distinct colors.

The known color-changing waterfalls are listed in the picture below, on behalf of 0278:

Colored paradise waterfalls location.png

Losing the colors?[]

You can lose the colored effect when going in some places in Paradise. On PC it has been reported to happen when going over or when falling behind the waterfall leading to the jellyfish lake (sliding part side). Maybe crossing the waterfall instead has no effect




Water ripples changing color while "water-skating":

Color ripples in paradise, by 0278

Below is a video showing color ripples and some colorful waterfalls:

Video by rio on PS4. Length: Starts at 1:57min. Total video length 3:04 minutes.


The colors can either be very bright or rather pale and harder to see. You can also have a bit of both.


About the color ripples, it seems to work well on pc with low settings. Color have different intensity, sometime very flashy sometime very light. I have often green yellow and magenta/red. And if i don't activate the carpets, there's few color waterfall. Dunno if it work the same on ps4/ps3. I only got one color at the time so far.

~ 0278, discord 2020-05-20

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