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Companions Met Along the Way (commonly abbreviated as CMATW)[1] is the list of players that you were connected to during your Journey playthrough.

This article focuses on the ways to save and not lose those Companions' names once the game ends.

Your name[]

Your name as revealed to other players on their CMATW list depends on the platform.

  • PlayStation versions: your PSN tag is used as the Companion name for other players.
  • PC version: (Companions Met Along the Way Problems)
    • Steam: either your Steam ID if you did not select a name in your profile or profile name. Companions would need a reconnection to update the display name if changed.
    • Epic: Your username will be displayed in the list of your Companion.
  • iOS version: Your Game Center handle / name is what other players will see.[2]

Companion names[]

CMATW appears after the game credits end. Its a list of maximum 8 Symbols and names. The Symbol is the same Symbol that shines on their chest and appears in their chirp.

That's why, if you meet a Companion whose name you want to know,

  • it's crucial to memorise their symbol to recognise their name amongst all other names in the CMATW.
  • The Symbol of the same Companion can change (on your side): Actions like using the Chapter Select option or quitting the game, will cause it. See Chirp.

Players usually screenshot their CMATW (PS4 and PC only) or make a photo with a phone so as to not lose the names of Companions met.

Any connection, even the most brief one, will land one more name on the CMATW screen. The names of your Companions, on the ending screen, appear in the same order that you met them along your journey.

First met is (usually) first in the list, below and next row top to bottom are the next Companions.

Losing companion names[]

Some actions may result in losing companion's names. The most common ones are discussed in this section.

Not finishing a level[]


On most platforms, game progress is saved between levels (if you crash mid-level and choose to continue the journey, it will resume from the start of the level you were on with the exception of Paradise).

On PS3 at least, companion names are also only saved when changing levels. This is the only time the "saving" text shows, and it appears that save files are only written to between levels (as discovered by Alex).

Hence you have to finish a level to get the name of a companion you met and lost on that level at the end of the game.

IOS-SMALL-75x43.gif Game progress appears to work differently on iOS: the game saves at checkpoints, so when you hit Continue you spawn exactly where you left rather than at the start of the level.[3] It may not affect the CMATW though - the game will probably still remember the companions you had.

Closing the game on the level entered through a CS portal[]

If you enter any level through the CS portal, then, being on the same level, close and reopen the game, you will not continue from this level. For example: you enter BB →CS →Portal to the Tower → In the Tower close the game. Now upon restarting and pressing 〇 button, you will enter BB, not the Tower. So by extent if you met players in the Tower, their names will not be saved. You can prevent that by going further through the game. For example: CS → Portal to the Tower → Play through the Tower and reach the Snow →Close the game and restart. After restarting, you spawn at the start of the Snow, names of players met in the Tower are saved. However, if you go to the Paradise through the snow portal, then close the game in the Paradise, then you will not find yourself in the snow after the restart. You will be spawned to the place that you were at before entering the Snow portal (for example BB).

Chapter selecting from any level[]

When one chapter selects, all changes (including companion's names) get erased. So for example if you got stuck in a trap with a companion, or got lost in the blackness, or anything prevents you from continuing the game, it's better to close the game (or switch the PS off) and reopen the game. After the game started, press the 〇 button on your controller to choose continue. You will appear in the beginning of the level that you closed your game at. (Unless you closed your game in the Paradise. By doing this, you will appear in the beginning of the Snow level). Here in the beginning of the level you can wait for the lost companion. There's a possibility that the companion did the same and you can reconnect.

Closing the game in the Broken Bridge[]

If you do this, you will be in the beginning of BB upon opening the game, but the names of the companions met there will be lost. So please be careful in the BB glitch, especially with a companion. If stuck, you will lose their name. If you are in BB and really have to stop playing and close the game, but don't want to lose companion's name, you can go to PD and immediately close there. Now, the names of everyone met in BB are saved, and upon continuing the game you will spawn in the beginning of PD.

Meeting in Snow and quitting in Paradise[]

If you meet someone in snow, but quit in Paradise or game crashes the name of this companion will not appear in the list. The game doesn't save between Snow and Paradise level.

Note: On the PC version it's possible to restart paradise level. If this has an impact on the CMATW needs to be researched.

Meeting more than eight companions[]

The maximum amount of names in the CMATW list is eight.

On PS3 it's possible to see more companions in the "players met" menu, but there they don't have symbols assigned to them.

On PS4/PC it's impossible to see companions anywhere besides the CMATW screen.

Getting in touch afterwards[]

After a particularly enjoyable journey, players can choose to get in touch with the Companion they played with. On some platforms it's possible to review the list of companions.

CMATW only will display latin characters, other scripts will be invisible and you have to resort to alternative methods such as save file tools to read the invisible unsupported chars.

PlayStation 3[]

The names will show in the Players Met list at the Friends section of the XMB. You can check their language at their profile, write them a message and add them as friend.

PlayStation 4[]

Although PS4 does have the same "players met" function as PS3, for some reason it never worked with Journey. Take a screenshot of the CMATW list (holding Share is the easiest way to do it on PS4), take a picture with your phone/camera, or write down the exact name.

Some players have set privacy settings to "friends only". If you can't send someone a message, it'll show a message saying you can't when you try to. [4]


Game Center does have recently played people like PlayStation but only allows to view profile and report user, no way to add unless you know their email.[5]


It's important to correctly write down the name of the player (a screenshot will help).

Known issues:

  • Epic Games version will show you names in the end, but you never saw anyone. This is a known bug, with no solution known yet unless you're able to establish a direct connection to Internet. Try to ask for a refund.[6]
  • Some player experience a game crash, when entering the light in Paradise, during the Credits or when the CMATW list should appear.
  • See here PC version CMATW problems/solutions.
    • name missing in list
    • name is only numbers
    • crash before the list appears
    • can not find the specific name
    • too many results after searching for the name


  • Playstation: Take the name from the list and look at their Playstation Network profile in the console or the app to send a message after adding as friend.
  • In the Epic Games launcher you can choose "Add Friends", there you can type in the name and hope they will add you. You're unfortunately unable to chat with them, only see when they're online, try looking for linked accounts.
  • On Steam:
    • At the Steam menu bar, choose "Friends" --> "add friend". Scroll down to enter the name in the search bar "Search for friend".
    • Or: open your friend list, on the right side is a "person icon" with a plus to it. Clicking it will open the "add friend page", scrolling down there gives the option to enter a name and search in a list. Often one name leads to a list of similar names, those might contain special letters that you are not able to type normally.[7]

Other channels[]

Some people enjoyed their Journey with a companion so much, that they reach out beyond the gaming platform itself to say "thank you". The usual channels are:

If your Companion visits those, they might find their name mentioned there and respond, although people often have different names on various platforms which makes it harder to get in touch with the players you met in Journey.


About the chirp/glow symbols:

  • The Symbols that you see on your screen and that your companion sees on their screen are different. The symbol that you see assigned to your Chirp is different from the symbol they see assigned to your chirp.
  • If you are not a full tier and start playing from anywhere but BB, the embroidery on your robe will not change even if you go through the light and back.
  • Even if your companion goes to CS and returns to you, they will still have the same symbol.

Other interesting things:

  • "Do you know that you can go to CS, then close and reopen the game and you will continue your previous game from the tower with all the names saved. The game is not saved until you go to BB."[8]
  • Before the first patch on iOS you would see your own name on the list of Companions.


Waiting for the CMATW screen gives me some minutes to reflect on the Journey or to stand up and get some tea :)

On the PC version, its possible to get to know the name of them, already while playing. I recognised, it had a big influence, on how i played.

Now i try endure my curiosity and just focus on the Companion. It also makes me finish Journeys (quit and "continue" on another day --> PC version: quit to title option deletes the names!! use quit game instead).

To continue a Journey also means, i might meet someone, who lost their Companion <3 And i get to see each level almost equally times.

~ Ravingmadness

See also[]


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