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Crash Zones
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knowing how to get OOB and where the zones are
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Crash zones are invisible areas at the southwest corner of every OOB level. Stepping into a crash zone makes one's game crash.

PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gifPC-checked-SMALL-75x34.gif IOS-checked-SMALL-75x43.gifCrash Zones were confirmed by players on PS4 and PC versions. Crash Zones were never experienced on PS3.

What is it?[]

Crash zones are small areas in OOB that are known to crash the game. Their fixed location and behavior suggest that a crash zone exists on every level, and their existence has been confirmed on all levels with two exceptions:

  • Pink Desert OOB is not generally accessible but anecdotal evidence of the game crashing in certain areas appears to be linked to the standard "crash zone" location
  • Tower OOB exploration is constrained by Blackness which is much closer than on other levels, making it practically impossible to reach the south-west corner of the base terrain on that level

Although their location is fixed, their appearance is unassuming. Only knowledge and experience can keep you from walking into them and crashing the game.

How and where to do it[]

The main Crash Zone is located in the south-west corner of the level. That "corner" though is somewhat obscured by the fake terrain that stretches further west, in on some levels by fake mountains and other level decorations. A tell-tale sign that you're close is when you see stripes of peeling ground ahead. There is also usually a visible shift from real terrain (more detailed, showing local dune effects) to fake terrain (flat, sometimes peeling off) which can be clearly seen on the screenshots presented below.

Crash Zone location is the same on each level. The Maps show where they are in each OOB.

Crashes can be triggered in two ways:

  • The easiest way to trigger a crash is by reaching the south edge of the map first, and then following west until you step into the south-west corner.
  • On some levels it is possible to walk right into the crash zone from the north without triggering it; you can get right to the very corner and play around. In that case the game will crash a bit later when you leave the crash zone, for example entering from the north and leaving eastbound. How far you'd have to go seems to depend mostly on the level.

Occasionally the game will crash if playing on the south side in OOB but to the east (not west) of the base terrain, for example near the start of the Sunken City level, sand surfing near the unfinished portal in Chapter Select, or walking north in the Starfields after visiting the Disco WM in Underground.

Images and Videos[]

Add 3-5 images from around that area, for each crash zone. Use gallery, if possible avoid having one extra image in a new line (rather add more images or del the one).

The images below show the exact location of each known crash zone (excluding Pink Desert which is not generally accessible, and Tower which is speculated to exist but is practically unreachable).

Chapter Select[]


Space to talk about, why it happens and other further information.


  • Their fixed location and consistent failure patterns suggests that Crash Zones are a result of a bug in local dune displacement or shader code.
  • More specifically, as you move around the sand/snow in your immediate vicinity is processed with higher precision (this can be seen as a circle of "better-looking" dunes as you fly above at a certain height. It appears that the crash occurs when that high-precision circle touches the south-west corner of the base terrain.


NathanJ on the Wiki Discord also confirmed Crash Zones on PC version of Journey. Ravingmadness (talk) 18:50, 5 October 2020 (UTC)

Just crashed Steam journey in UG a little north of the SW corner oob.

This also happened a couple times in snow a little north of the SW corner. I could not duplicate it every time though. Will try UG again.

Just duplicated it. At least with my architecture the SW corner seems to be a crash zone like PS4. — Ten(karasumo)

When I was exploring the UG OOB on my own a couple weeks back, I found a section of the floor that was like an invisible wall.

Transparent despite being surrounded by sand, couldn't go on it or anything. Naturally, I investigated it.

Turns out those are crash zones. They're not in the PS3 version, but they are in the PS4.

My game started to crash consistently afterward and I had to do a fresh install. If yours continues to crash, you may have to do the same, but it could have just been a freak accident" — Zerathine on discord (summer 2020)

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