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Dirty robe trick
Sunken City
just chirp and luck (see article)
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PS3-SMALL-75x43.gif PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif Dirty Robe trick

PC-only-SMALL-75x43.gif also known as Sand in the History Lesson

is a glitch at the end of the Sunken City level that results in one of the following visual effects, depending on settings (see investigation section below):

  • a Wayfarer's robe, scarf or legs appear dirty or black, as if dipped into mud or ink
  • sand is seen on the ground in the History Lesson cinematic.

General information[]

IOS-SMALL-75x43.gif There is no data about this Glitch on iOS yet, on this Wiki.

The Dirty Robe appears on PlayStation versions and depending on settings also on the PC versions. It does not always happen. If it's just a little bit, only your Scarf will be black at the end, if more, then also your feet become black and more: up to your robe. You can see the effect in the infobox to the right.

Sand in History Lesson.

Sand in History Lesson.

The Sand in History Lesson is a PC only trick, depending on settings. There might be more or less sand to see, depending on the height/amount of sand on the circle, when stepping in.

How and where to do it[]

This Shrine. But do not step right into the circle.

  1. Activate the light circle, be careful to not stand already at the place where it appears.
  2. Step off the platform, stand in front of it or run around the platform, while doing loud chirps.
  3. The sand will start piling at the platform and also covering the light circle.
  4. Walk to the cirlce, keep on doing big or small Chirps.
  5. Your robe or scarf need to get some sand on them, when the vision starts.
  6. Either be quick and try to Faceplant onto the circle, before the sand vanishes, just walk in normally or walk a bit around before entering the light circle.

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif It can happen, that you get so much sand on the circle, that you stand in the circle, but the vision does not start (until the sand starts vanishing when not chirping or got moved, so you are able to touch the circle. If a Companion can not enter for too long, you will be alone after the vision. Bring some distance between you and the shrine, you may reconnect, when the other finished the vision. Better might be, to just walk into the Underground level and wait there for them. The outcome: During the first seconds of the History Lesson/Vision the sand covered parts will turn black (scarf, feet and upwards, depending on how much black you get). It might not happen always, just because there is sand on the platform.

Further hints[]

Chirp to pile it.


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See also[]

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Broadly speaking, a glitch is where something in the game does something it wasn't meant to. We do not distinguish between a "wanted Glitch" and actual bugs.
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