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Disco War Machine / Disco WM
UG OOB Disco WM.jpg
Underground (UG)
PS3-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif IOS-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif

Disco War Machine (Disco WM) is a War Machine that can be found out of bounds in the Underground level, notable for its flickering colors.

What is it?[]

Disco WM on PS4. See info about colors.

The name comes from the flashing colors on that frozen (not moving) machine.

It can be found in the Out of Bounds area of the Underground level, at the Southeast corner of the level somewhat below the surface level. The "disco" effect varies by platform.

PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-SMALL-75x43.gif On those platforms the effect is rather strong. The color and flickering is (often) clearly visible.

PS3-SMALL-75x43.gif The effect is rather subtle, but the War Machine is there and sometimes a slight flickering can be observed.

See Investigation box below.

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif Depending on certain circumstances, it may happen that the Companion does not see the WM (or you don't see it). Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif

The colors of this WM differs, depending on the way/route before approaching it. — zzZZzzenTraveler, before testing

.. well, guess what i said counts for the PS4. did two checks on the PS3 now. first attemp ended with a strange shadow layer on the wm, second one with a clean texture and no "effects" at all. — zzZZzzenTraveler, after testing

How and where to do it[]

A possible route and explanation to that place should be added.

It's in the Out of Bounds area of the Underground level, at the Southeast corner of the OOB.

Even if the location of the Disco WM is found, it might be hard to see it:

At this place the camera strongly points to the wrong directions. The WM lies below an invisible ground and you have to trial and error to get a view on the WM. This can be seen in the short clip above.

It is not visible from some distances and appears only when the player is rather close. As if thick fog is covering that area below.

First Steps/Setup[]

Exit to OOB with CB-ing up to the top of the entrance gate or even directly to the top of the wall. See Underground (OOB), Entrance: At the start of the level.

Missing Disco WM[]

Quotes and information, about when the Disco WM dissapears and is visible to only one player:

"This War Machine (Disco WM) stays in the south-east corner of the map (XYZ 0,0,0) until any of the War Machines triggers are activated by the player, in which case it is placed within the level boundaries (where exactly depends on which area the player are in).

Players reported that Disco WM is sometimes missing, that’s because after it’s being moved from its original spot it will no longer appear in the south-east.

Even if the player restart the level or start a new game. This can cause desynched WM position, in which case one player can see Disco WM in the usual spot, while the other cannot (desync disco WM requires verification).

The only way to reset that is a complete relaunch of the game. "[1][2]


  • Disco WM is in fact two WMs that appear in the Underground, simply “merged” together at the same spot. That’s the cause of texture flickering as two models interfere one with another.[1]
  • Disco WM disappears as soon as any WM-related trigger is activated (in a normal play-through, this would be the Ambush Room trigger).


Disco disco, party party :D link to the song i am referring:
~ ravingmadness

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