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Disco Wayfarer
Discooooo oh yeah.PNG
Underground (OOB) mostly. Pink Desert (OOB) a little
A less impressive form of the Disco WF exists on PS3/PS4/iOS.

What is it?[]

Disco Wayfarer is a PC glitch that makes your wayfarer (and eventual companion) turn into a gorgeous rainbow of changing colors when moving in specific places.

PS3-SMALL-75x43.gifPS4-SMALL-75x43.gif You can get a Disco Wayfarer for some seconds, while sliding too, though not at the most common PC Disco Wayfarer places. If you go there, you will become sanded (black robe mostly). See videos below, for examples.

In many levels while OOB, getting below the normal surface of the ground can lead to unexpected character skin change results (sanded appearance), even on PS consoles. On PC however, you can sometimes be disco instead !

This is an easy glitch to achieve when already in OOB at the corresponding locations, though the specifics to be disco can be a little confusing (detailed below).

To understand the vocabulary used in this article and have more general informations about sand places, it is highly recommended you first have a look at the Peeling grounds and Sanded Wayfarer article.

Video by nathanj on PC. Length: 0:45 minutes.

Where to do it[]

This glitch happens in the Underground level (and in Pink Desert, on a rather precise location).

In other levels, to be disco you would need to go beyond blackness, or under the invisible floor that covers the northern peeling grounds of most levels OOB (hence why it doesn't seem possible).


It seems to happen mostly at the North side of the Underground OOB, in the HL banner surroundings, where is supposed to be the real tower level (behind the shrine's square tower).

The disco wayfarer glitch happens there either to the West or the East side of the OOB, when inside the two big plateaux. For this you have to enter below their normal surface (=entering the peeling grounds), as they are mostly surrounded by non-solid walls at the top, when going North.

To reach this place from OOB, you can either fall behind the shrine's tower, and then go to the East or West plateau. Or you can dive directly to the East or West plateaux from the 2 upper plateaux located at both sides of the Underground in OOB, near the ending of the level.

3 ways of entering the HL Banner surroundings (red arrows). Green corresponds to the approximate areas in which you should search for the disco wayfarer glitch

Pink Desert[]

You can be disco in Pink Desert OOB when along the North limit of the Western peeling grounds, and only against this slope. It actually looks like it marks the northern limit beyond which you can be disco if under the sand. But apart from this horizontal line you can't enter the Northern peeling grounds, like you would in UG.

To visit Pink Desert OOB on PC you can simulate the PS4 Low Frame Glitch by manipulating your FPS, or use the carpet warp method with a companion.

How to be disco? (UG)[]

If you wish to let the magic happen and surprise you, just walk around in the 2 rather vague locations indicated on the previous picture.

However if you want more precise instructions, read the rest of this article.

Being disco only seems to happen when you manage to be sanded far North of a level. If you are sanded there on other platforms (PS3 or PS4. iOS not verified? Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif) you will get a regular sanded color, though not on PC, where you turn disco instead.

Trigger the Disco Wayfarer[]

Usually walking around in any one of the two northern plateaux of UG ends up with becoming disco. However it can take long if you don't know where to go, nor if it will work at all (this approach is random but it somehow makes the charm of it).

As you move around in the peeling grounds, it is highly probable the disco wayfarer will turn on and off. Oddly enough, while in a disco sand place, you can sometimes be disco for a moment, and then after getting in and out of it a few times it suddenly won't make you disco anymore.

If walking around blindly isn't really your thing, try to hit the screensaver button, as it triggers the disco wayfarer instantly when in the corresponding sand places (as explained here, among other details concerning sanded wayfarers). If nothing happens, change disco sand place and do the same, or simply change your dune settings according to the sand place you stand in.

Disco Companion?[]

When sanded, a wayfarer always shakes their heads, about every second or a little less, by either standing, walking or flying. By paying attention to this detail you will know if your companion is disco or not! Seeing your companion disco on your screen doesn't mean they are on their side!

However, when sitting or faceplanted, a wayfarer stops shaking their head, even if they are disco. When chirping, a wayfarer stops shaking their head for a short moment too, but not every time. Have a look at the presentation video of this article above and observe the wayfarers heads: they both are disco at the same time for the whole duration of the video.

If you are disco but your companion doesn't seem to shake their head, consider changing sand place and adjust the dune settings accordingly ; for they might not know about this dune settings trick (they might not know about screensaver as well, so maybe give them time to walk around in a sand place before swiching).

To be sure of having a disco companion, you can simply visit the peeling grounds entrance slope, against solid sand, where you are always disco regardless of dune settings and screensaver.

A few disco facts[]

  • The wayfarers' scarves are affected by the sand places and behave crazy while disco. This often leads to an invisible scarf after some time.
  • On the West side of UG, because of the proximity to the HL banner you can have the disco wayfarer glitch over a white background as well.
  • When disco you change color only when moving your character horizontally (Flying vertically only won't make you change color).
  • The camera can make a wayfarer change color without them moving ; especially near the borders of the plateaus in UG, where it tends to behave crazy (see the presentation video above, near the end).

Different sand places[]

There are different kinds of sand places on PC that are shown on the pictures below:

  • The peeling grounds plain entrance (either North of UG or West of PD), corresponds to a thin slope against which you can always be disco, no matter the dune settings you use, or if you pressed screensaver or not. This slope corresponds to an edge of solid sand (the normal sand/snow ground of every level), and exists when entering unsolid grounds (the peeling ground plains).
  • The invisible holes in UG (click link above) take place under the slope marking the peeling grounds entrance. They correspond to little sand places against solid sand as well. They are aligned alongside the North wall surrounding the shrine.
  • Med/High and Low/Ultra sand places corresponds to the biggest disco sand places. You have to adjust your dune settings according to their name to have them work.

This map shows the North of UG, with Ultra dune settings. It isn't to scale but can give an idea of how sand places are displayed there.It misses the northernmost Med/High sand place on it, that extends just before blackness (invisible on ultra dune settings).

The gallery below explains the difference between North and West peeling ground plains, and shows the sand place succession (drawn to scale). The second drawing on the right picture corresponds to either the West or East plateau, North of UG, while facing West.

The History Lesson Banner marks the limit between the main two sand places in UG, and makes it easy to know how far you are in the West plateau when visiting it.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif It is possible in-game because of unknown reasons to have starfields everywhere North of the peeling ground entrance in UG (invisible peeling grounds). This results in non-working low/ultra and med/high sand places. The Level Of Distance is also affected and seems a little reduced in this case. Both companions are affected at the same time it seems[1]

General gallery[]

Sand places limits gallery[]

Videos about the all platform Disco Wayfarer[]


Video by Bongsadist on PS3. Length: 1:30 minutes.


Video by 21 Specters on PS4. Length: 2:40 minutes.


Video by nathanj on PC. Length: 0:35 minutes.


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See also[]

Disco Zones and other Disco Stuff- Gateway article for Disco Stuff, work in progress.


  1. nathanj: I had this happen to me in-game and my companion as well I believe, though I can't confirm for the companion. We walked around a long time in the sand places to try to be disco. Screensaver didn't work to trigger it either.