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Dry Boost

Dry Boosting is a Fancy Flying technique that is similar to Charge Boosting but doesn't require using the "fly" button when charging. The different points that allow Dry Boost all seem to use a hover motion to allow charging however visually they can differ in how the charge is preformed for the Dry Boost.

How to do it?[]

Difficulty: Medium-SMALL-75x43.gif

Aim for the dry boost point and press forward, camera to the ground. Stop pressing fly and try to get a position as shown in the videos and images.

Hover there for a while (recommended time is between 20 - 30 seconds) , just like when Charge Boosting but without pressing fly. Then lift away from the point. It might not always work, as many things in Journey it will need repeating to get the experience and to make it consistent. Note your scarf won't recharge when charging in a Dry Boost point, because you are considered to be in the air while charging on the contrary to Charge Boosting. Some points can accompany both companions, which allows the players to recharge each others scarf by touching robes. Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Investigation is needed for Dry Boosting with companions and how this affects Boost performance/height, such as; if charging while touching robes increases/decreases boost height or changes the charge time needed to reach a similar height compared to when Dry Boosting alone.


  • It is recommend a player have a basic understanding of Charge Boost technique before attempting Dry Boost as these techniques are very similar.
  • Some Dry Boost points are used for speed runs while traveling as a Red Robe.
  • Some points can lead to camera and controller shake when charging making them more difficult to hold the charge. A player can turn off vibration (when applicable) to help steady the camera and charge more easily.
  • Dry Boost points are rare in the game.

Dry Boost Points[]

Chapter Select[]

It is recommended when using this method shown that the player gather both symbols first. The ledge below the Dry Boost point has an invisible wall which will not allow the player to walk any further left, it's recommended to use this as jump point before connecting to the charge point above.

Video by 21 specters on PS4. Length: 1:14 minutes.

Sunken City[]

This Dry Boost point is an invisible barrier along the gate walls of the first rest stop in Sunken City. It allows the wayfarer to float and Dry Boost on top of it. This point requires the player to fall over the barrier from above, either from using the ledge to drop into it or by flying, however falling or flying too fast into the barrier will cause the wayfarer to drop through it instead. When falling over the barrier slowly enough there will be a small bounce when hitting it before the wayfarer stays in place and starts charging (as long as you hold the camera to the ground). It is best to do one or two jumps with your wayfarer's head in the wall (camera to the ground) to slow you down at this point just before touching the barrier.


This Dry Boost point requires knowledge of OOB paths to reach the location, in the jellyfish room. At this point the wayfarer may twitch while charging as shown in the video below. There may be additional Dry Boost points in the same area, such as one on the West side of the room, a little higher up, that can be used the normal way or in reverse (camera aiming up, wayfarer moving towards it to charge) (needs video?)

Video by 21 specters on PS4. Length: 1:11 minutes.


There is a dry boost point just above the entrance gate. To enter it you will have to flap once above the gate to fall on its edge after, or you will most likely simply fall all the way down. This point is very bouncy and your wayfarer will jump in place until you boost. Pay attention to not get frozen before using this point. And before boosting it can help to turn the camera to the side, to avoid getting frozen while going a little too much North. This dry boost point can be used to go OOB solo as a red robe with a long scarf, or to reach directly the heater room with the boost.


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See also[]


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