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This is a dump article to house information to serve as an article for War Machine 1 and 2 regarding investigations for finding out what triggers each versions of the WM we see and at what point it is no longer possible to see other forms.

Not sure what the title should be or if I can just put bits of this under existing articles, but wanted something to house the information that looks closer to the actual Article layout than the Talk page.

General Summary[]

Despite what players initially think - there are only two War Machines in the Underground (War Machine 1 and 2) and they are responsible for all the WMs you see through the level.[1]

Depending on the triggers activated by players, the War Machine 1 (WM1) and War Machine 2 (WM2) actions can be adjusted.

There are terminal activations of triggers, where it is not possible to see specific events/WMs in the Underground - once they have taken place.

With that in mind, this should give an overview of which machine is responsible for what actions/forms - depending on the triggers activated by Companions.

I assume the visuals will also be affected by the ID rule (if you are with a Companion).

For details, please reference each individual WM articles responsible for the form.

War Machine 1[]

Wayfarers first encounter this machine surprising them in the Ambush Room (in the worst way).

Then based on normal game play, they will encounter this machine after the Z Corridor, patrolling in the Unfriendly Halls with another WM.

Next, the players will see it in the Sliding Tunnels with another WM before being scared away by the Shrine Bells and Lights.

At this point, the War Machine is hiding on the East side of the Sliding Tunnels in the OOB.

This War Machine 1 is responsible for taking these shapes, forms, or becoming these named machines below.


  • Bat Form (Tail up, head down, flips head only)
  • Diagonal Form (straightened form but is angled at an escalator angle)
  • Scoliosis Form (C-curved, to one side, does several flips and then becomes stationary)
  • Cobra Form (S-Curved, upright, tail-wagging)

Named Machines[]

  • Disco War Machine
  • Invisible War Machine (not formally named article but seems to have a section here)
  • Window Winthrop
    • Looks like it broke its spine to achieve that form and is not same as Scoliosis form [2]
  • Unmotivated War Machine (Scoliosis)
  • Happy War Machine (Bat, Cobra, Scoliosis)


(Until I can figure out putting them in business process flow maps perhaps... like really long time from now maybe)

Player takes these actions below and results in:

  • Activates Ambush Machine + Goes OOB to the East Sand Hills Area = Can find Window Winthrop in SE Side of Window
  • Activates "Ambush Machine" + CHECK THIS ONE Trigger in Z Corridor = Bat Form in SE of # Walls (I think my "A" Trigger meant WM1 Spawn)
  • OOB via Jelly Room + Heading: Extreme Southeast Corner = Disco War Machine
  • OOB via Jelly Room + Activate WM1 Patrol Trigger in Flyers Eaten Room = Unmotivated War Machine
  • OOB via Jelly Room (or earlier) + Activate WM2 Spawn in First Unfriendly Tunnels = War Machine 2 Activated
    • (Solo) From here if you Trigger WM1 Patrol = Unmotivated WM coming to play while WM2 is active circling in the First Unfriendly Tunnels
    • (Solo) Then if you go the 2nd Unfriendly Tunnels via diagonal path and land on 1st statue = Looping Unmotivated WM1 with WM2 (normal).
      • With Companion in tow, if you do not see Unmotivated WM after triggering, your companion might still see it (companion is Host, per ID rule)[3]
      • They will also see it do loops in the 2nd Unfriendly Tunnels when you're only seeing WM2 doing patrols
  • Unmotivated War Machine + Immediately going OOB at SE of Flyers Eaten Room = Happy War Machine (Scoilosis)
  • Unmotivated War Machine + Going Backwards in level to Ambush Room = Invisible War Machine
  • Unmotivated War Machine + Activate "WM1 Spawn" Trigger in Z Corridor AND Rescue Flyers Immediately = Happy War Machine (Cobra)
  • Unmotivated WM + WM 1,2 Patrol Trigger = WM1 (in Scoliosis form) and WM2 (normal) patrolling in a loop in the Unfriendly Tunnels[4]
  • Unmotivated War Machine + Activate "WM1 Act" and "WM1 Spawn" Trigger in Z Corridor = Sanded War Machine after Corridor
    • Note: Cannot see Unmotivated WM doing patrols if this is done
    • You can only see Unmotivated WM doing patrols in its form if you carefully activate WM1,2 Patrol Trigger after you get the Unmotivated WM. [5]
  • Sanded War Machine + WM1,2 Trigger = Normal form of WM1 (no eye light but has search light) and WM2 patrolling the Unfriendly Tunnels
  • (Solo) OOB via Jelly Room +WM1 Act Trigger + Rescuing flyers immediately= Happy War Machine (Cobra)
  • (Companion) OOB via Jelly Room + Wind/Camera Trigger at Shrine +Have Companion Sit on Wall + WM1 Act + You Rescuing flyers = Happy War Machine (Bat)
    • Need more test with Soul but I think both players can see this regardless of ID rule?
    • When Soul was HID and I was LID, Soul was able to make WM1 do Head flips twice by going backwards in the level to the Ambush Room.

War Machine 2[]

Wayfarers first encounter this machine in the 1st Unfriendly Tunnels where it comes alive from the 2nd statue on the East side.

If you're coming form OOB, the statue looks like it has its wings spread open (unlike other statues).

It will patrol in that room in a figure 8 curve loop until it has been triggered by the player going into the 2nd Unfriendly Tunnels. From there, you'll find it patrolling in a straight loop with WM1 until player collects the symbol and moves to the next trigger point (stopping the loop).

Next time you'll see it is with War Machine 1 in the final sliding hallway to the shrine.

Its final resting place is West of the Sliding Tunnels in OOB.[6]



Video by NAME on PS4. Length: 00:00 minutes.

Help Wanted![]





This article was drafted as a result of trying to identify different types of WMs that can be seen based on what triggers are activated and in what sequence.

Long term goal is to plan for a trigger decision map, which would show "point of no return" based on specific triggers activated and what the resulting WM would most likely be.


  1. They are also known as WMa and WMb from TGC Forums and are also mentioned in War Machine: Special Cases as alternative names. I'm using WM1 and WM2 to match with the maps that Qtzl3000 has for the Underground.
  2. Position marked on map as "WM1 after ambush" on Qtzl3000's map
  3. Example seen with Soulfly's trip on 9.26.2021 video experiment
  4. Trigger Specification by Qtzl3000!
  5. It seems there's two (written) ways now. I have mine in video confirmation (non OOB post Unmotivated WM). Qtzl3000's (OOB post Unmotivated WM) way needs video sometime.
  6. Marked as "WM2" on the map