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This article

  • collects things to visit in this OOB(, as well as tricks).
  • will provide detailed information about each sight and description on how to get there. If there is a lot of material to a sight, a single sight-article should be created.
  • Common or recommended routes/tours to combine certain sights.
Main article: Sunken City (OOB)

gives a rather spoiler free overview about this OOB. General information, tips and warnings.

General Information[]

(could copy the overview/intro text from that OOB article, once we got a good explanation to describe each oob. for consitency).

Main sights in this level /main attractions etc...?!?[]

List of links, to sights below


"Easy routes": are recommendations for newcomers or people who like to show oob to newcomers.

  • avoid places to get stuck
  • easy to lead / little to no fancy flying
  • no tricky triggers. Example: a place where its easy to hit a trigger and wind starts, getting frosty, camera can get stuck etc. Falls under "avoid danger zones".

Ofc while going a route, its always depending on player/Companion, to on-the-fly change the route. Obviously, if a Companion flies off (curious), better to follow than to lose them.

Small route, bright red and violet[]

can be easily adjusted and combined with other sights.

Covers 2. Sunset Plateau 1. Sunken City walk and/or flying over the WM Parts. You will also get to see the Horizontal Slide corridor from outside. X. Reenter level, slide down. No music will play then (?). It seems to be easier to fly over the pit at the end, once you have been OOB.

The route[]

  • Enter OOB at [link to entrances in pit at oob article]

Pictures will help to hint to certain place (like: here up, navigate around here etc.).

  • Head towards east, dont need to enter the area with invisible ground. Then start walk/fly to south, up a long steep hill upwards.
  • ..reach sunset plateau
  • decide to go route dark red (a bit difficult and long) or violet one to sunken city walk
  • shooting star outlook
  • ...

List of sights[]

from South to North, cut and paste from OOB article

Numbers like we will present them on the map then.. (yes the numbers in the map are not realy in an order)

2 - Sunset plateau[]