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Dune settings on PC affects multiple glitches. It seems medium and high dune settings corresponds to most glitches you can experience on the PS3 or PS4 version of the game. This means using low or ultra dune settings can give some extra glitches or variations of them.

FPS differences per computer also have (slight) effects. A few OOB entrances are harder to enter, the higher the FPS.

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif Since you can change dune settings anytime you want on PC you can experience both worlds, but keep in mind your companion in-game might not have the same dune setting as you do, and therefore experience different glitches than you, or at different locations!

The Peeling Grounds plains can extend[]

One of the main effects of changing dune settings is how it can extend or shrink the peeling grounds on the West and North side of every level.

  • The effect can be observed in the Northern peeling grounds only in Pink Desert, Sunken City, Underground and Paradise. In the other levels the northern peeling grounds are hidden beyond blackness.
  • The Western peeling grounds can always be observed entirely because the blackness is far away on this side of the map.

Using low or ultra dune settings will result in shorter sandbanks, while using medium or high dune settings will extend the peeling grounds a lot (by almost twice their length).

Below are 2 pictures comparing dune settings in PD OOB, from the South-West corner:

Changing dune settings also affects the active sand places inside peeling grounds, and creates new ones (compared to PS3 and PS4) for low or ultra dune settings. You can then have more options to be sanded, and match your dune settings to the ones from an eventual companion, in order to be sanded together.

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif The PS3 peeling grounds seems to end even before they do on PC at low or ultra dune settings. NeedsToBeChecked-SMALL-75x43.gif : Their extension should be checked on PS4, compared to PC (similar to low or ultra dune settings on PC? a little more?).

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif In peeling grounds when far North or West: if the players have different dune settings, one might still see a surface, while for the other player both are walking in the air, from their point view.

Disco Wayfarer[]

  • In Underground level, the disco wayfarer is affected by the sand places. Using medium or high dune settings will result in beeing disco at the same places you would be sanded on PS3 or PS4. But using low or ultra dune settings can give you access to a few more sand places. It can also change the peeling grounds length at the same time, like explained above.
  • In PD OOB you can only be disco on the Northernmost part of the Western peeling grounds, against solid sand. Because this line on which you can be disco is in the West peeling ground plain, you will be disco only depending on the West sand places, as you move along the West-East axis.

Disco rocks/mountains[]

Two disco rocks exist rather far North in Pink Desert OOB, a little West, just before the end of the Northern peeling grounds on low/ultra dune settings. In Paradise OOB there is at least one mountain section that gets disco very far North (just before blackness) the same way.

These rocks or sections of mountains are disco because they are encrusted under the sand, and therefore cross some sand places from the northern peeling grounds (a.k.a. "disco" sand places). They seem to somehow get affected by them.

(explain better in the concerned oob articles later. screensaver and dune setting effect...)

Low or high FPS affects glitches[]

This section is under construction.

Some OOB entrances such as the West one of Chapter select, or the first one of Sunken City, near the first Symbol have been reported to work more easily the lower the FPS. Low FPS can also allow you to bonk through gates in Journey, or glitch through some walls more easily in general.

The cloth animations and even flying are affected by FPS, the more you go into one extreme.

With vsync option on, you can cap the max FPS so it doesn't get higher than 60 (only if your monitor displays a maximum framerate of 60 fps, which is common: it could also be higher or lower). If you want to set a specific max value you can use the Nvidia control panel (with an Nvidia GPU only).

On the PS4 version exists a Glitch, that makes you able to "obtain" low frames. This Glitch is used for further tricks, like warping around. You can simulate the PS4 Glitch on the PC version. See Low FPS glitch.

Video by nathanj on PC. Length: 0:47 minutes.

Sand in History Lesson of Sunken City[]

On medium or high dune settings you will get a normal dirty robe trick, like on PS3 or PS4, but with low or ultra dune settings you can get sand in the history lesson instead. The history lesson in UG seems to take place in a med/high sand place because of this, and piling up sand in it allows this.


Unless you get to talk to your Companion after the Journey, you will not know if they saw the same thing (depending on the trick).

This makes me observe their actions even more, is this an excited Chirp about a finding or an angry one, because they do not see what i am showing xd

~ Ravingmadness

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