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Dusting / to dust
Dusting cloudwhiteheart.jpg
A Reddie dusting

This article is about in-game representation of a disconnecting player. For general information see To connect or to disconnect!

Dusting means when a Companion sits down and turns to sand.

To dust as a verb typically means breaking the connection / quitting the game so the Companion gets to see your Wayfarer sit down and turn into dust (or the opposite, i.e. seeing your Companion turning into dust).

How to get it[]

This happens when the connection between your Companion and you fails.

Reasons are:

  • your Companion decided to quit the game
  • Companion actually tries to meet someone else, thus deactivating the connection manually.
  • their game or device crashed etc.
  • the distance between you was too big (especially when one activates certain triggers)
  • yours or the Companion's internet connection has failed
  • player logged out from the platform such as PSN, Epic Games or Steam
  • if it seems like a sudden dust (example: dropping out of the sky when flying: check if you are still connected to the PSN / the internet. You might be able to reconnect, if your Companion is still around and there is some distance between you.

If you have the feeling that you get to see many "random and sudden" dusts, you might want to check your internet connection / using a LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi.

"Ignoring Companions" / dusting on sight.[]

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif Using a VPN can lead to a connection thats right away aborted. You will see a Companion, but they dust immediately.[1]

You might run into people that are just

  • training
  • speedrunning
  • trying to connect to a specific person
  • do not know that you are a person (not a bot)
  • etc.

They might ignore you, to show that they don't want to travel with someone right now or may be just busy with what they are doing at that moment. You can try to get their attention, join in to whatever they are doing (if you can) or just walk on.

Photos and videos[]

Gallery with a story behind the dust[]

The story:

N: I just had a companion sand in the moment I met him, twice in a row. Damn, he must really hate me!

0278: It's me! seems like my internet is messy tonight :(

~ Nathanj and 0278 on discord

The gallery:

Other images[]


  • Once the companion disconnected they'll no longer glow when nearby and will despawn after the disintegration animation.
  • Sometimes you can still see a Companion walk for a while or doing their last action although they are not there anymore.
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif About (Expert Mode) places that can create such a not-dust.
The moving image that the Companion leaves behind is called a Ghost. Some Ghost creating places are considered Expert Mode.
Spoilers end here.


Saddest moments in Journey. When you had an amazing Journey, many events and happy Chirps with your Companion.

You move on to Snow and they sit down and the wind blows them away :( That sudden feeling of loneliness and emptiness...

~ Ravingmadness


  1. '''Ravingmadness:''' this was observed by me and discussed on the general journey discord. I tried to connect to a streamer on Twitch. We dusted on each other, after seeing each other for ~3 seconds. After the streamer turned of the VPN, it worked as intended.

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