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Faceplant Jump and variations
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any time and everywhere, as long as you can jump
Faceplant and training. hour long training and trying. higher difficulty: FPJ onto certain things/places

Main articles: Faceplant (FP), Challenges

The FPJ is the advanced/expert version of the Faceplant.

What is it?[]

This is a FP where you dont just fall on ground, but FP mid air and FLY a bit further.

Its often used to do challenges, a fun time alone or with your companion where you try to land at a certain place or just try to get it done.

What is it good for?[]

  • This can be used to faceplant on places where you normally cant FP, because there is not path to walk on before flipping
  • FPJ onto horizontal banners and keeping on floating on them, also FPJ on vertical banners to activate them
  • Challenge your companion to copy your FPJ on a certain place (see also Gallery at the FP article)
  • Alone or together you can try to get nice postions with FPJ. Like laying head downwards.

How to do it?[]

IOS-SMALL-75x43.gif Probably not possible, unless you use a controller.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif Missing information about keyboard, keyboard mouse FPJ and DSFPJ.

Basically its like FP, but you press fly right at that moment when the stumble animation starts. The timing needs to be spot on or you will just FP normally.

There are probably tutorial videos for it on YT, they should be added under the headline Videos.


Dropshoot Faceplant Jump (DSFPJ)[]

Doing a dropshoot ending with a FPJ, combined with aiming at a certain place. For example a banner, the statue whatever.. Dropshoot into FPJ

FPJ DSFPJ methods ava.png


How to: Less momentum fpj, moonwalk fpj, backwards dsfpj.[]

Video by aravshetikolava on PS4. Length: 04:03 minutes.

FPJ onto the statue by Apno[]

This is mastery:


I finally learned how to do FPJ on PC with 60 fps!!!

Few hundreds of tries and building muscle memory. I have to time it a little bit earlier than I'm used to on PS3.

(it's still much easier to get the timing right with 30 fps)

With 165 fps it's impossibly hard. Wooo I did it with 165 fps!!!

~ Paleologos on Discord. 2021-05-12

See also the main article Faceplant (FP)[]

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