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Flyers in a group

Flyers are a small species of cloth creatures found throughout the game.

Alternative Names:[]

They are also known as Fish, Cloth Fish, or Birds.

Occurrence, Appearance, Behavior[]

Flyers are the most common creature found in Journey, even if you only count flyer groups, and not individual flyers.

They are flat, almost square pieces of cloth, with a slightly bigger 'head' on the side that they fly in the direction of. They are always found in groups.

Some flyers need to be freed. A free group of flyers will fly around in a circle. If a player with a non-full scarf comes near them, some flyers from the group will fly up to the player, recharging a small bit of their scarf energy, so long as that player is on the ground. A flyer will need a short time to recharge before it can give the player some energy.

Sometimes flyers will combine to create a banner when freed.


If they are touched by a player's chirp, they will glow, and fly around the player, both giving that player a height boost, and recharging their scarf. The bigger the chirp "bubble", the farther away the flyers will hear the player from and respond, so it's possible to fly past them, chirp, and get an extra boost as they catch up and recharge your scarf a fair distance away from where you met them.

Special cases[]

  • Golden Flyers can be found (and saved from being eaten) halfway through the Underground level. Although they are called "golden", they are actually just regular red flyers which appear yellow due to strong green light. Outside their standard position they look normal.


  • Funny community name: "fish tatters" by Rebmakash


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