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Flyers Eaten Room, War Machine Shenanigans
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Depending on glitch, knowledge of the UG OOB.
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This article describes glitches / bugs that happen with War Machines in the Flyers Eaten Room in the Underground level.

The Wiki is always gathering information about Glitches and how to do them, at the moment the article describes known happenings in this room.

What is it?[]

Several tricks and glitches can be triggered in this room.

Not a glitch in that sense is the following, but it still should be mentioned:

Save Flyers from being attacked[]

No Out of Bounds needed.

See this entry at the Challenges article.

Make the WM fly through a wall, instead of attacking the Flyers[]

No Out of Bounds needed.

This trick is based on messing with the triggers (aka being faster then carpet that gets eaten by the first WM and rushing into flyers eaten room).

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif If this trick works consistently and other specifics are unkown at the moment.

It is shown well in the video below:

Video by ElektrykOliG on PC. Length: 01:42 minutes.

Bearded Dragon Glitch[]

There are 3 important factors for this glitch to reproduce it successfully. First, the guiding carpet can not go any further than the jellyfish room, if it is allowed to enter the ambush room it will cause the camera to lock. Second, the War Machine in the ambush room and flyers eaten room must not have already been triggered. Lastly, speed through the hallway before the flyers eaten room is essential. The video below is a quick walk-through of this glitch.

Video by 21 Specters on PS4. Length: 1:26 minutes.

WM attacks at the Entrance to the Flyers Eaten Room[]

WM attempting to attack at the start of the Flyers Eaten Room

Out of Bounds needed.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif All specifics are missing, but its a "known thing to happen".

Happy WM[]

Main article: Happy War Machine

Out of Bounds needed.

The machine can also "bug out", many specifics about this glitch are still missing, but it is a known thing.

When trying to get the Happy WM, the following can also happen:

WM stuck in sand[]

WM stuck in sand and eye lit.

Out of Bounds needed.

On the right side of the Flyer Room, the head will stick out of the sand, the light of the eye may have a light or not (more often it seems to be lit). There are several methods to make this happen.

See also[]

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Broadly speaking, a glitch is where something in the game does something it wasn't meant to. We do not distinguish between a "wanted Glitch" and actual bugs.
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