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General Questions[edit | edit source]

Q: Does Journey support cross platform playing?[edit | edit source]

A: Only PS4 and PS5 connect to each other. Playing via PS Now connects to PS3 players.

Q: Do I need PS+ to play Journey "online"?[edit | edit source]

A: No. (In the shop it says it's required, but it's not).

Q: I have technical difficulties with the PC version.[edit | edit source]

A: See PC Version FAQ. On Steam: Steam Community Forum for Journey and the Technical Support section there. Or use the above mentioned Discord servers.

Wayfarers and behavior[edit | edit source]

Q: Are other Wayfarers real people?[edit | edit source]

A: Yes, if you have met another Wayfarer in the game - it isn't AI. Companions are human players. Please treat them as such!

Read more: Companions

Q: My companion just sat and turned into dust/disappeared. What happened?[edit | edit source]

A: This happens when the connection between your Companion and yourself failed abruptly, or they just had to leave the game - there are so many reasons for so-called "Dusting" behavior. Just remember: “There are no mean companions!”

Read more: Dusting, Common Behaviors, Losing Companions

Q: Why does my companion have a white cloak? Can I change mine, too?[edit | edit source]

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif The answer can be found after the first Journey. Try to complete the Transcendence Trophy/Achievement.
Yes, there is a White Robe --> Trophies#Transcendence.

After getting this Trophy, check out the first level!

Spoilers end here.

Find out more: Wayfarers, Robe tiers

Q: How do you know who you're playing with?[edit | edit source]

A: The names will appear after the game credits end.

The names of your Companions appear in the same order that you met them along your journey. It lists a maximum of eight Symbols and names. The Symbol is the same Symbol that shines on their chest and appears in their Chirp. That's why, if you meet a Companion whose name you want to know, it's crucial to memorise their symbol to recognise their name amongst all other names in the list.

Read more: Companions Met Along the Way

Q: How can I thank my Companion?[edit | edit source]

A: After a particularly enjoyable Journey you may choose to get in touch with the Companion you played with. Usually players write thank you messages in Official Discord or at the forum of the platform they played on.
Find out more: CMATW Getting in touch afterwards

Q: Can I play with my friend?[edit | edit source]

A: Journey does not support play with friend option. The intention of the game is to connect to someone who you do not know and to travel together with that person. To get attached to that person can be a unique experience.

But you could possibly connect to a particular player in the same platform. Just be accurate and respect other players.

Find out more: Guide to arranging a meetup

Q: Мy companion got attacked, but their scarf grew back. How is this possible?[edit | edit source]

A: Your Companion did not get attacked on their screen. Sometimes the game needs to divide what each player sees. It had to show an attack, but since your Companion was not attacked, the game lets the Scarf grow back; they never lost it on their screen.

Sometimes it shows a Companion being thrown through the air where no War Machine attacked, often the Machine appears some seconds later for the attack animation.

Read more: Glitches, Off-sync

Environment and gameplay[edit | edit source]

Q: I want to know more about things in the game.[edit | edit source]

A: Entities - gives an overview, also explains the community terms, used for somewhat living things. Objects - overview about all objects in the game.

Q: Where do I find all the Symbols and Glyphs?[edit | edit source]

A: If you want to find all History Glyphs, see the Ancient Glyphs article. If you want to collect all Symbols after your first Journey, check out this article: Wardrobe.

Q: Where do the War Machines / Stone Snakes go?[edit | edit source]

A: They move Out of Bounds and wait there for the moment you touch a trigger in the level to appear again.

Find more here: Out of Bounds, Triggers, War Machines

Q: Where I can find out more about Trophies/Achievements?[edit | edit source]

A: Right here: Trophies

Q: Sometimes a white glow appears in the corner of my screen, what is this?[edit | edit source]

A: When you see a white glow at the edge of your screen, it means there is a Companion nearby. Try to turn your camera and find them.

Read more: Companions

Wayfarers and Skills[edit | edit source]

Q: Another Wayfarer has just whooshed up into the sky in front of me. Are they cheating?[edit | edit source]

A: No, it’s not a cheat. What you have seen was a special technique of flying called Fancy Flying.

Read more: Fancy Flying

Q: My Companion lays on the ground and doesn't get up/I found a sleeping companion, what is this?[edit | edit source]

A: Your companion just did a Faceplant, a trick commonly used by advanced players. It's often used as a sign to identify experienced players, but it could have other meanings in different circumstances. The wind or an attack can make you fall too, but Faceplants are usually deliberate.

Find out more: Faceplant

Q: I saw someone sit while landing after flying, how?[edit | edit source]

A: Pressing the screensaver button or menu button makes you sit. When someone jumps and sits at the same time, it's called a Zen jump (works with screensaver only). Read more: Zen Jump

Q: I saw someone jump and flop forwards at the same time, how do I do that?[edit | edit source]

A: Timing a jump right when Faceplanting is how to Faceplant Jump, another trick commonly used by advanced players. It can be used to Faceplant in places where normal Faceplanting isn't usually possible.

Find out more: Faceplant Jump

Q: I got a Companion stuck to me and doing the same things I'm doing. What's going on?[edit | edit source]

A: You got the Steam version of the Infinite Flight (IF) glitch, please report it on the page for the glitch, or on the wiki Discord.

For hints on how to keep it, behavior, etc. see:

Find out more: Infinite Flight (IF)

Q: My companion running on the ground really fast, how is that possible?[edit | edit source]

A: This skill is called Dropshoot.

Read more: Dropshoot

Community[edit | edit source]

Q: Could I chat with other players somewhere?[edit | edit source]

A: Yes! You could join Official Journey Fan Discord, you are very welcome there!

Q: Can someone explain all the terms to me?[edit | edit source]

A: You can use this category to search for a certain term/abbreviation: Glossary. Or read the (work in progress) article: Glossary.

Or find out more here: Forum Glossary, Level Names and Abbreviations

Q: Where do the names and terms like "Carpet" on this Wiki come from? Who decided on them?[edit | edit source]

A: When Journey was released in 2012 on PS3, a community formed on the ThatGameCompany forum. They needed to name things to talk about them and over time, some terms became more popular than others. Almost everything on the Wiki is based on the knowledge of those people, and it felt right to keep those names (and not make contests to name further things).

Other terms for things are not wrong! It's just easier to communicate when people use/know the same names.

Q: I cannot find my question here[edit | edit source]

A: Other players might be able to help you. Just pick one of the options below:

Offical Journey Fan Discord

Steam Forum


Thatgamecompany Forum - abandoned, but still much good info there about glitches and such

Epic Games

PS4 forums