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Gary and Larry

Gary and Larry are two tiny scarfs, or possibly banners (according to developers, they're scarfs), hidden in the Underground level.

One is red and one is white. Developer's commentary video reveals that Gary was accidentally left in from an early prototype and was discovered by the team a few weeks before release, at which point the decision was made to keep it in as "it might be a cool piece of history."

How to find them[]

They are located at the end of the Underground level. Stand in front of the Temple in the end, walk towards "2 o'clock" and you will find two tiny scarfs in a sand valley.

Many Wayfarers like to visit Gary and Larry, to have a short talk with them or just saying hello.

Alternative names[]

  • Tom & Jerry
  • Prince & Harry
  • Bug-Ticket 2567 and Bug-Ticket 2568
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Laurel and Yanny
  • Ava and Rebi



  • Gary is the white scarf and Larry is the red one.
  • Initial PS3 release had only one white scarf there.
    • This can be seen in the developer's commentary video on PS3 Collector's Edition of Journey where developers refer to the scarf simply as "Gary the scarf" and joke about removing it in the upcoming patch, finishing the segment with "Gary's going to be fine, don't worry".
    • All subsequent versions have two scarfs there, one red and one white, so it would appear that rather than removing Gary, the patch added Larry in. It seems that there was a patch in September 2012:


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