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Ghost of a companion
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Ghost is a 3D-model of a Wayfarer (companion) that was travelling with you, but got disconnected. You will see that model sitting or hovering in air.

This article is a work-in-progress collection of notes from various players regarding this glitch, and information gathering about this phenomenon.

Information known so far[]

What is it?[]

"At certain spots in different levels in which, upon disconnecting, one can create a ghost for their Companion." This means that at a Ghost-Making Spot your Companion disconnects and you will still see them standing or even walking for a while.

How and where to do it[]

Level: Not in Chapter Select, since you need a companion to disconnect.

Its happening often at a certain place in Broken Bridge (OOB), near the crater where you can also trigger the next level by going to the gate (from the oob side). North-west, nearby the HL-banner is like an invisible line from west to east on which many of those disconnecting points seem to be.


Here are some quotes from people on discord, experiences...


not sure about UG

and paradise


Don't know about ghosts except I've seen them in BB and PD and snow.

Dj Thanos

Winter (a player) and i were at PD on the top of the tower and I entered the light, but winter was late to enter and we dc however when i ran to board the carpet that was waiting for me, winter's wf suddenly spawned on the carpet and boarded it but it refused to move. It kept rotating towards my direction but because winter's wf was there it never picked me up.


Anywhere, most likely. And CS has the most famous of all ^^[1]

Video by rebi on PS4 and PC. Length: 0:43 minutes.

Special case: Invisible Companion[]

This could be moved to Wayfarers (Glitched) or made into an own article (thought there are not many reports about this Glitch and even less information about conditions to make it happen).

Sometimes during a connection, one Companion will connect and be invisible.

Report from 2021-09 by Ten[]

Interesting glitch on Steam with stoicmom today.

I got black cloth and we were still connected. She could see me, but I couldn't see her. I could still hear her chirps.

When we tried to go through the waterfall to the jellies pool, both of our games crashed at the same time . Her view of the cloth was normal. — Ten

See discord conversation and further comments below from Stoicmom: Discord conversation link.

Report from 2021-01[]

Y'ALL me and Newbie (a player) found a super duper weird glitch!

Newbie got dusted, but they can see me on their screen moving around as if I was still in the game, but I can't see them!

This happened in OOB UG. We can't charge each other or see chirps, but newbie can see me glow when I chirp. Freaky! It felt like the phenomenon would only end if we left the game.

~ Loodle
Happened on the Steam version, arranged Journey with Loodle (a player).

We could see each other before and then went OOB in Underground.

At some point Loodle said, i disconnected. But i could still see her walk around.

So Loodle couldnt see me. at all (once mentioned there is a shine, but i think that was only temporarly).

i could see her, like it would be normal (just if looking closely, charge didnt charge and her chirp didnt appear - but the head moved when chirping).

~ newbie (EU)

To which Rebi gave the info, that this is a known glitch on PS4.

"In my experience on PS4, the connection did not last long. Once it was 30 seconds, another time it was 2 minutes. It is a rare glitch! Makes you wonder how many times it happens with random people who ignore you and then disconnect 30 seconds later."[2]


  • Nick could be seen as Ghost, if you disconnected from your companion (he will be there when you just finish the Journey too).


So does a ghost stay there until you leave? I was OOB in BB after the HL at the top of the steps. Someone came through but I didn't follow. I was able to charge on their ghost and do some flying (I was red). It was still there when I went into PD.
~ Ten
That particular ghost stays until the real player reaches the end of that opening cutscene in PD. Timeout for next level is like 45 seconds i forget the exact number.
~ rebi
There is one bug with a ghost where they stay there permanently and it happens when a player disconnects but they are stuck above ground.

In BB theres some spots i think where if youre lodged between a windwall/invis wall and a rock. As far as i understand it they are unable to dust on your screen they will always be there. But a normal player going to PD should disconnect after a bit and then you could connect to someone else.

~ rebi

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  1. Apno is referring to Nick. See article "How to find Nick".
  2. Rebi, 2021-01-07, Discord