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Definition for Glitch on this Wiki:

Broadly speaking, a glitch is where something in the game does something it wasn't meant to. We do not distinguish between a "wanted Glitch" and actual bugs.

It could be something that

Easy Glitches might be also called "Trick", you might like to know about them or show this little fun thing to a Companion.

So we try to gather ALL known glitches. From the aforementioned stone to War Machine Capture.

General glitch terms[]

  • The ID Rule - some Glitches can be "gifted" from one player to the other. Depending on ID, one becomes Glitch reciever, the other gives Glitches.
  • Offsync - (Often/Always?) related to the ID-rule, the game fails to show the same happenings to both players. Makes WMs sometimes invisble, Goo at differnt height for each player etc.
  • Triggers - A certain place that a Wayfarer can hit, that makes the game to react. E.g. when sliding on a dune in BB, one can hit a PD trigger and go into the next level.
  • Wind wall - An invisible wall that normally prevents a player from leaving game boundaries by blowing them back on course.
  • Black Cloth - Only known to occur on PS4. A glitch that happens when companion's game crashes, all cloth becomes black permanently.
  • Black Sand - A glitch known to occur on PS4, twice reported on Steam. Occurs on the level load, and (as you might have guessed) causes the sand to be black. Random, very rare (or just not reported often). "black sand is a level load bug, not a crash-related bug." (noremacstew)
  • Carpet Warp
  • Ghost - A 3D model indicating a companion while companions are no longer connected/a companion is in another level.
    • Ghost-Making Spot - Spots in different levels in which, upon disconnecting, one can create a ghost for their companion.
  • Infinite Flight (IF) on PS4, connected with the Black Cloth bug.
  • Infinite Flight (IF) on PC, Tricks with the Steam Infinite Flight.

Articles about glitches[]

Many glitches have been discovered and recorded by the community. Some are well understood, other have only been seen once. Depending on glitch type, frequency, and how well it's known, specific glitches are either described in dedicated articles, or grouped together (for example, by level or by NPC type).

Glitches by level[]

The following articles cover glitches found on each level:

Glitched creatures[]

Some of the popular glitches require interactions with specific game creatures:

More glitches[]

For a complete list of glitch articles please refer to Category:Glitches.

Maps and sketches[]

Category:Maps on this Wiki offers a full collection of highly detailed Journey level maps, along with additional location maps and sketches contributed by the community.

Please put maps for specific levels in their respective articles.

The video below shows an early 3D rendered version of terrain (heightmap + dune colors) for each level.

Video by Ichabod Crane on external. Length: 2.30 minutes.

See also[]

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