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About this article[]

The Wiki is based on things that community members found out, already when Journey came out in 2012. Since the old TGC forum got deleted, there was no common meeting point for the community anymore. Now the Journey-discord is our new home.

To re-gather information, a new forum was created. Not all information from there was transported to the Wiki yet. New forum.

Aravshetikolava did share many things there and put the work into a list of common terms used by the community. Newcomers are often confronted with a flood of basic and advanced terms, as well as community names for certain NPCs.

See also: How to use Journey-Wiki.

Work in progress[]

  1. Copy paste the sorted list from the boards forum to here. i d copy past the already bit formatted stuff from Glossary dump article. though i really would check whats written there...
  2. Add links to the articles
  3. Compare explanations article<>forum, give better (but short) explanation to each term
  4. Create missing articles
  5. Decide on what should go into Category:Gameplay Basics, Category:Expert Mode Glossary, Category:Glossaries. This is already not very consise imo. Do we need an extra "basic glossary" or want to sort further via Categories?
  6. Check if Articles are added into the (right) categories. Category:Glossary.
  7. I d prefer the Wiki-Discord or Trello, if there is something to decide/discuss. Ravingmadness (talkcontribslogsblock log) Talks were moved here:

Note: Some terms from the forum might have changed or expaned. The glossary article needs to adjust to what was put on the Wiki.

Sorted List of terms[]

If one needs a specific shortcut/term, it can be convenient to use CTRL+F to search the page.

Until the formatting and linking is done:

Chapter Select1.jpg


CS - Chapter Select/Hub

BB - Broken Bridges

PD - Pink Desert

SC - Sunken City

UG - Underground






HL - History Lesson - a process of going through the cinematic, where an ancestor shows you the history of the world. Opens a path to a next level.

Shrine - A place where one receives the HL.

Symbol - A scarf-lengthening shiny collectable.

Mural/Glyph - an ancient picture that can be found along the way.

Chirp - a visible wave of sound. helps to activate ribbons, gravestones, helps with tandem flying.

CMATW - Companions Met Along the Way - a list of companions appearing after the credits  

Dc, Rc - Disconnect, reconnect


Creatures: Entities[]

Wildlife - Flyers.png


- Living cloth entities that charges your flying energy if being touched or chirped by the players.

Ribbons //no image found on this creature, add one?(btw how do you comment on this thing)


- Living cloth entities that help the player progress through levels.

Wildlife - Kelp.png


- Cloth life form that looks like tall grass of various sizes

Wildlife - Jellyfish.png


- Large species of cloth with a distinct round "head", a long tail, and small "legs" similar to real-life jellyfish.

Wildlife - Whale.png


- Large cloth creature with a distinct head, four or six wings (possibly fins) and a long, thick tail.

Entity - War Machine.png

WM - War Machine/Guardian

- Large flying mechanical entities designed to attack living cloth creatures.

Entity - Ancestor.png


- Big white main character-resembling creatures that appear in history lessons.

Flow Creatures Nick - NPC, can be found only outside the playable map.

NPC - non-playable character.

Named places on the levels:[]


Headbonkers Cave - a place used to go outside the map Sandfall/waterfall


Shooting Star - mainly refers to the star that falls to the ruin and turns into a symbol, but can also mean any shooting star in general.

Longtail - a carpet located closer than others to the PD entrance. Noticeably smaller than other carpets.

Group of carpets - the one that can be released with the big ribbon. located inside the crater. Frederick - a capet that brings one to a dune top after releasing the group of carpets.

Little tower - a tower with symbol and a carpet ribbon nearby.

Factory - WM factory at the PD end/north. Prisoner Carpets - carpets stuck in the factory grid, the ones that can be released with a chirp.


1st slide - the beginning slide.

1st Rest Stop/Rest zone - the first stop of the sunken city.

2nd slide - the second slide downwards.

Sunset Hall - the large hallway that sparkles in the sun and tilts your camera horizontally.

The last/final slide - where the light turns purplish and you slide for the final time.

The Pit - a place where you drop after the final slide.

Banja's hill - first dune right at SC entrance where the Zimcloak and Low Frame Rate Glitch can be obtained. PS4 only.


Kelp room and Jellyfish room - where there are many cloth creatures.

Ambush room - a place where the WM jumps up, eating the Longtail.

First room/Flyer room - a room where this WM eats the flyers.

Second room - in this room the second WM comes alive.

Third room - a place with the last/northernmost UG symbol.

Slide - a place where you run away from 2 WM to the shrine.

Shadowlands - a place in OOB, all along the level on PS3 only.

Disco WM spot - a place in OOOB with a frozen WM with blinking colored parts.


Whale Room - a room where the whale swims of when the goo is released.

GOO - Water that rises as one activates the murals.

The murals - that you activate to release goo. There are five.

Beach - place in OOB, that can be seen with the first level of goo.


Entrance Gates - gates that lead you to the level.

Windy/whistling stones - big gravestones in a narrow ravine that protest one from the wind.

Carpet house - a WM part where the frozen carpet hides.

Heater room - a small room that has a large lantern

Patrol Fields - WM patrolling on the second field, same WM flies over the death march afterwards.

Whale Graveyard - a place with lots of kelps and soothing music.

Windy Balcony/Death March - the last act of the Snow, a field with dramatic music and strong wind.


Jellyfish PoolWhale Pools 'The final walk'

Carpets phalanx - place in OOB where a bunch of frozen carpets are gathered.

Disco zone - place in OOB with blinking colors.

BB OOB Foggy area 02.jpg

OOB terms[]

Named places of the levels :[]

and so on.. :) do copy paste from dump and try to find a "nice" pic to present the topic Ravingmadness (talk) 16:22, 24 December 2020 (UTC)