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Magic Goo

Goo is the liquid in the Tower that rises as one activates the murals, sometimes written as "GOO". It is a mysterious substance both fog-like and liquid in appearance. One might also use the term "goo" referring to the white mist in Paradise.

Alternative Names[]

Mist, (magic) Fog, Liquid Light, Soul Juice, Spirit Mist, Spirit Water, (Water - Another term for the goo; can also refer to the water in Paradise)

General information[]

Goo/Water is only found on two levels, the Tower and Paradise.

In the Tower level the Goo seems to shine golden, this might be due to the light from the Tower.

Cloth elements and creatures will glow in the goo in the same way they glow when a Wayfarer touches them.

Coming into contact with the Goo has similar effects on the Wayfarer as touching other cloth creatures (recharging the scarf, floating / slowing the fall).


In-game artwork suggests that the Goo is the essence of the "life energy" in the world of Journey.

Glyphs in the Tower show that the Great Ancestor lies underneath it, so the goo and its magical powers may be coming from the ancient one. Pools and waterfalls of goo in Paradise offer infinite supply of flying power and free the Wayfarer from the limits of previous levels (appropriately so for the final ascent to the mountaintop, which has been the ultimate goal throughout the Journey). The exact meaning is deliberately unclear and can be interpreted broadly as "life energy".

This interpretation is also supported by developer's commentary from PS3 Collector's Edition where they referred to the Goo as "water/energy/soul juice".



How the MSAA bug looks in Tower.

  • There is a bug that changes the Goo in the Tower level. See image to the left and PC Version FAQ.
  • Goo elements are called "Gravity Field" in game files.


Why does all the Goo from Tower not help me to survive the Snow? *angry faceplanting*
~ ravingmadness

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