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Goo Boost is an advanced flying technique that involves dipping into the Goo to recharge the scarf between tricks. It is only possible in the Tower and Paradise levels where the goo is present.

Goo Boost in Tower level

How to do it?[]

Difficulty: Medium-SMALL-75x43.gif

While doing a Dive Boost or another dive boost-based technique, dip into the goo at the end of the dive, then boost facing the camera (or by turning the camera up while still moving forward). That way, you will have a full scarf. You can use your scarf to perform a second fancy flying technique up there and reach even more height.

The tower and paradise goo behave slightly differently:

  • In Tower your scarf will recharge slowly upon contact with the goo, so it seems best to dive a little below the surface of the goo and only then boost (so your scarf has some time to recharge). You can jump once or a few times when inside the goo to get out faster when trying to boost (it won't affect the boost).
  • In Paradise It seems best to just touch the surface of the goo and then boost instantly, as it will recharge all your scarf immediately. Even though it is faster this way, the previous option still works, and you can dive a little below the surface like in Tower level. Maybe fly your way out of it in this case, until you pop out at full speed.

The best diving technique for goo boost seems to be slow boost, as you can dive pretty slowly with it and better control how deep you go (especially in Paradise, if you only want to touch the surface of the goo). If you hold down the jump button instead of pumping on it, you will fall even more slowly upon the goo.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif For a regular dive (in case you play without a controller to slow down), levelling the camera a little can help to not dive too deep. So does jumping before entering it.

As soon as you enter the goo you will start losing boost power, no matter the camera angle. However the goo makes you lose this energy more slowly than when being in the air or on the ground (and not boosting or diving) ! This means you can stay 2 or 3 seconds in the goo and still keep a good amount of boost.

Note that in Paradise waterfalls can recharge your scarf as well, so instead of dipping in the goo you can instead boost and hit the top ledge of a waterfall for the same effect (like many speedrunners do in Paradise level for glitched runs). Kelp, banners and jellyfishes can be used the same way as well.

Below is a speedrun in which you can see a goo boost performed after a slow boost in Paradise.

Video by nathanj on PC. Length: 28:04, starting at 19:24 minutes.


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