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Why count journeys?[]

You might ask yourself: Why count journeys?
Especially on your first journey you are probably overwhelmed by whats going on. So its just natural that you come back for a second, to discover the levels a bit more. These guides should help you on your way to become a real White Robe. Like a child, slowly learning everything about the world. The given amount of journeys is just an approximate. Of course its possible to see or learn some things earlier or later in your journey career. The saying “even a first run can do this/knows about it”, should explain the counting too.

Recommendations on what to do and links to useful articles[]

  • In general: get to know the game. Often questions appear and can only be answered by checking it at the next Journey. You can also do research here on the Wiki, by watching Journey streams and videos on Twitch or YouTube or other resources.
  • The PS trophies show you some things you can do too. Like “how to meditate”, which is good to know, since it can be used to say "need a break". Some Trophies will make you find things, some fall more under the category "play the game several times". Completing all of them doesn't mean the end of your Journey. There are many unofficial trophies you can achieve for yourself. More information will be given in other guides to avoid spoilers.
  • Find every white symbol. It is not necessary to find them all within one Journey. As you now know, symbols extend your scarf and give you longer flights. It's also a Trophy and
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif gives a treat, that you could find out about without reading this. Hint: check the first Level, where two stair like things with lit up stones.
gives you access to the white robe, see article Wardrobe. Then see what other white robes might show you...

As white robe you cannot meet first runs (iOS you can).

As experienced player you might want to help low tier red robes, but also let them explore: You might know there is nothing, but they will welcome your help so they can see it with their own eyes.

You like to show all symbols, but some people really enjoy just company and searching things. Carefully observe your companion and adjust your journey to their skill level and willing to follow (if you like to keep them).

Spoilers end here.
  • Play with the Machines, find out where they fly, when they start flying or stop being hostile, where the triggers are. Try to make em destroy buildings or pillars. Playing with Machines is a big chapter in Journey, but for that you need to learn some more things first :)
  • Articles about dusting and connection.
  • Find routes, to lead companions to certain things. Change things up, find new camera angles etc.
  • Play and explore with your Companions, learn to identify their behavior, see which paths they go to get a nice view or symbols etc. Even a first run can show a new route since they don't know "how its supposed to be".
  • Common Behaviors: Guide for common courtesies and behaviors in Journey. "Goodbye", "I need a break" etc. (work in progress).

I saw something and don't know the name / cannot find it on the wiki[]

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif The links provided below are considered spoiler, since some things you could find out on your own or with the help of a Companion.

We are mentioning them here, since its possible to encounter those and eventually be curious or confused about them:

Guide Videos[]

On connection:[]

Hints about when disconnects can happen and to avoid them in certain situations.

Having save-files ready, when going to have an arranged Journey is also useful.

Connecting seems most reliable on PS3, while it is harder on PS4 and on the PC version.

Video by rebishaz on PS3. Length: 10 minutes.

For basics and also teaser on what's possible to do in Journey:[]

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif The following video gives many basic hints on travelling with a Companion, but also shows Expert Mode things. The video is more about how to travel with an experienced player.

Timestamps for following video for newcomers:

00:19 How to fast start (CS)

00:34 Chirps

00:53 CS, how to check for missing glyphs/pictures

01:20 CS, how to check for missing symbols, also at shrine/statue

02:05 Info about the controls

02:45 Want to train fancy flying etc? How to not run into companions

03:00 How to fly efficiently

04:10 “common mistakes” Dive Boosting, Circle Boost with flyers

06:54 The ID-Rule, Glitch receiver. How to find out who is who.

07:45 Dropshoot with/without chirps, comparison

08:20 Carpet chase hints / Frederick

10:45 Activating ribbons/banners while sitting. Tricks

11:12 Importance of sitting/pushing. When told to sit, stay seated.

12:18 Trust your companion, do as you are told!

13:50 How to sit in SC and carpet trick

14:25 Dry boosting

15:08 Black robe in HL SC

15:55 Hint: How to enter SC OOB (one of the entrances)

16:24 PS4 only, Skypainting in SC

17:29 Waiting for your companion. Don’t be a helicopter mom! When trying to get to a hard to reach point, don’t go back for your companion once you finally made it. Wait until he makes it too, give them some time.

18:44 About constant chirping (when to do it, when not)

19:25 Hide and Seek ;)

19:40 Snake Trick

20:40 Touchpad/start and option sitting comparison, trick with touchpad/Screensaver

21:28 Being frozen or not? Warm up, snow OOB and how to get there

24:30 About the final walk/death march

25:15 Touchpad/Screensaver use in Paradise (snow on/off) // Getting to mountain top

Video by Robin on PS4. Length: 30 minutes.

More guides[]

More guides are available. They are kept in different articles to give you the chance to choose the level of spoilers you'd like to be exposed to.

Further topics[]

These are some of the more advanced topics suitable for an experienced player.