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By now it is assumed that you know the levels pretty well. You know when the first war machine starts, where the symbols and glyphs are, you have already helped some RR to reach the mountain.

We also recommend to check the other guides, Hints for the regularly travelling Wayfarer or this link collection for newcomers.

You might have encountered some things that are clearly not programmed by will. White Robes (and skilled Red Robes) like to show the Bugs and Glitches. If you are interested to learn more, then check this category. Have a look at the huge main-section of the wiki (work in progress of course, since the wiki is rather new).

What to do next?[]

Journey has a lot more to offer, and new possibilities open the more you travel.

  • Check on the wiki or discord, when you are curious about something you saw
  • Find a friend a have an arranged Journey, explore together or do tricks!
  • Perhaps you would like to explore the "Expert Mode", Expert just means knowledge that is beyond the most standard gameplay. You might discover already experienced "bugs" mentioned there.
  • Never stop travelling!

Below are a few more suggestions for specific levels. Some are just basic gameplay, but mixing it up and some are "teasers" about the Expert Mode, that might require to learn other techniques first to accomplish.

Note: those hints are by far not everything that can be discovered in Journey, there are many minigames people like to play with each other or certain places that "everyone" likes.

In Chapter Select[]

  • Easy-SMALL-75x43.gif to Medium-SMALL-75x43.gif You could have a look at the most basic advanced flying techniques such as Charge Boost (CB) or Dive Boost (DB), which is a common "next thing to do" for experienced players. In Chapter Select you can test yourself out, without meeting anyone.
  • Hard-SMALL-75x43.gif Connected to starting to Fancy Fly is trying to meet Nick. It can be a good motivation for flying: You know the Journeyer that you see at the end of the corridor, leading to the Broken Bridge level? He is Nick. You can start here, if you want your first challenge.

In Pink Desert[]

This is all considered Easy-SMALL-75x43.gif.

  • Work on different routes, find the ruins and flower consistently, even when your Companion took other paths as you normally take.
  • Try to fly like a carpet, dive with them through the desert. Any robe will get lifted high up, when a Carpet circles around them and they fly (straight) up with them. When the Carpet leaves, dive down like them, try to touch them to recharge your scarf and be able to follow them. "Be a dolphin".
  • Play tag with a Carpet chasing you around the map.

In the Sunken City[]

  1. Enjoy the view at the end of the horizontal slide, rather close to the exit. Disable screensaver to see what happens after some minutes.
  2. Find out how to sit while being in a slide area.
  3. Make a Carpet follow you to the Glyph in the rest area.
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints to accomplish those and links to articles.
1. A Carpet will come and purr at you (maybe to tell you its time to move on).

Companion hint: it might appear at different times for each player.

2. About controls.

3. Hint: after releasing a Carpet they will try to cirlce around you thank you, but mostly to recharge your scarf. What will happen if you try to flee from them?

Spoilers end here.

In the Underground[]

In the Tower[]

  • Found the fl0w creature in the middle of the tower? Try to see it in the whale room.
  • While you are there, find out how to be able to sit in the tower goo. Sometimes Companions show this when visiting the Whale while its still in the Whale Room, they will sit on the ledge above the banners and vanish through the floor (Hint).
  • Climb the tower, without activating the Glyphs. With the help of a Companion it will be easier of course. Learning routes to go is better done with a White Robe.

In the Snow[]

  • Visit the ice cave from the other side.
  • Find ways to avoid the Machines in this level too, although its not a Trophy.
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Tips on how to avoid them.
Commonly used is the "hug the walls"-tactic. After doging the first machine, before the second one appears: Walk left or right up and stay close to the walls.

Near the end, when a machine passed is a good time to "run" to the exit (or just further crawl along the wall to the gate).

If you observe their behavoir, you might also be able to figure a save route to go in the middle, timing and triggers.

Spoilers end here.
  • . . .

In Paradise[]

  • Fly over the long slide that ends at the bottom of waterfalls, where you have to climp Kelp.
  • Try out how fast you can get while speeding through the Jellyfish.
  • Did you ever ride a Whale from the pools up to the last gate?
  • Enjoy the water ripples at certain places, like the Whale Pools rather at the end of the level. At the ledge where the water floats over you can create nice patterns with your Companion, sliding around like two elegant iceskater dancing.
  • A Companion can show you "frozen" / stuck Carpets, depending on your exploring you might find them by coincidence (allthough you need to avoid a certain trigger).
  • There are slides to take, just like those on childrens playgrounds: You sit at the right place and the Companion pushes you down, making you slide down while still being seated.
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif The next step, how to slide when alone.
Zen Jump
Spoilers end here.

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