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Happy War Machine
Fancy Flying
Underground OOB
War Machine Triggers
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Happy War Machine is a War Machine that can be found in the Underground level after a specific setup.

What is it?[]

It is a war machine that behaves as if it's happy (e.g. flipping around, wagging its tail, shaking head) while in the level and above in the Underground OOB.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif The videos supplied for this article shows a variety of WM forms and locations for observation, which not all of it has been reproduced/verified to generate clear directions (yet). See "Help Wanted!" section.

Characteristics and behaviors:

  • Attacks flyers, if given the chance[1]
  • Has search light on when moving through the Ambush Room
  • Eye light may be on/off, depending on triggers activated
  • Can be seen in a variety of forms and actions:[2]
    • Flips in Cobra and Scoliosis forms once it is in OOB
    • Wags tail constantly in Cobra form in the level and in OOB
    • Shakes head in Bat form after coming to a stop in the OOB

Where is it?[]

Can be found in many places in the Underground level but each of these may require a different setup:

Note: The sightings are dependent on sequences of triggers activated and wayfarer's actions (solo or with a companion).


The exact setup for this WM is depends on the location that you'd like to observe it in.

Note that all of these directions start with avoiding the entire Ambush Room Setup Zone [5] that wakes the surprise war machine in the Ambush Room. You can use whatever method you like to go OOB as long as you do not activate this sequence.

Flyers Eaten Room[]

This room is the most common location to setup and observe the Happy War Machine.

When you are alone:

  • Must be OOB before Ambush Room
  • Go into the Flyers Eaten Room and activate "WM1 Act" trigger only (mind the "WM1 Spawn" trigger)
  • Immediately rescue flyers from the Happy War Machine
    • You can see it a second time by triggering "WM1 Patrol" and rescuing flyers again

If you have Companions[6]:

  • Be OOB before the Ambush Room
  • Reset your camera via the Wind Trigger near the Shrine Tower[7]
  • Fly up the slide together with your companion until the two WMs come out into the tunnels
  • Charge Boost up the East wall and go OOB
  • Ask companion to sit there on top the wall or go down together into the Flyers Eaten Room[8]
  • WM may not appear for HID companion, you can wait ~10 minutes and it should sync up
    • When HID player is targeted by WM, on their screen the WM attacks LID companion

Multiple Sightings[]

You must be alone when following these directions, otherwise, the ID Rule and other factors may interfere your observance.[9]:

1st Viewing: Flyers Eaten Room (OOB)

  • Make sure you are in OOB before the Ambush Room
  • Activate "WM1 Act" trigger and rescue flyers from the WM
  • Charge Boost off the East Walls and go OOB to the Southeastern corner of the Flyers Eaten Room[10]

2nd Viewing: Flyers Eaten Room (OOB)

  • Drop back down into the Flyers Eaten Room to and activate "WM1 Patrol" trigger, immediately go rescue flyers and keep them away from the WM
  • Using your fav method of boosting (CB or RCB, etc), go up into the OOB to see the 2nd instance of Happy WM by the Southeast corner of the Flyers Eaten Room [11]

3rd Viewing: 2nd Room of Unfriendly Tunnels

  • Head back in-map into the Flyers Eaten Room
  • Go through the centers of the level to activate "WM2 Spawn", "WM2 Act", "WM1,2, Patrol" triggers
  • Wait at a safe spot away from the WM patrols
  • You should be able to see the Happy War Machine and a normal WM2 patrolling together in a loop

4th Viewing: Above Northwest OOB, by the # walls in West Black Sand Hill[12]

  • Activate the "WM Hide" Trigger that is located slightly North of the last symbol (it is only few steps from the symbol)
  • Head out into the OOB towards the West Black Sand Hill
  • Once you arrive at the West Black Sand Hill, go towards its Northern end
  • You will see the Happy War Machine in above the # Walls, just before where it meets the West Black Sand Hill


This video shows several types of Happy War Machines and the locations of the sightings. Most seem to be the Cobra form with exception of the first which looks like it is curled to one side (Scoliosis).

Video by i12believe on PS3. Length: 8:08 minutes.

Below video shows the Happy War Machine taking on Cobra form only.

Video by Nico Buis on PS4. Length: 5:50 minutes.

This video provides directions for both with and without Companions. It shows the Happy WM in Bat form.

Video by aravshetikolava on ???. Length: 4:37 minutes.

Directions to see Happy WM multiple times and visuals with keyboard/mouse input overlays are shown in this video.

Video by Ignis on Steam. Length: 8:06 minutes.

Help Wanted![]

You can help contribute to this article by answering questions below! Seshatienosco (talk) 07:39, 30 October 2021 (UTC)

  • Directions and video where Happy WM shakes its head?
    • While following aravshetikolava's directions in the video on PS4, we witnessed this and recorded it. Conducting additional related investigations as time allows. ThatRandomWayfarer (talk) 09:34, 29 November 2021 (UTC)
  • Confirmation of Directions with Companions (from aravshetikolava's video)?
    • Currently in progress with Soulfly on PS4. Unclear if it matters whether HID/LID activates WM1 Act trigger, if it can be done multiple times (if so, when/how). ThatRandomWayfarer (talk) 09:34, 29 November 2021 (UTC)
  • Form relation to the Happy WM actions? ThatRandomWayfarer (talk) 09:00, 29 November 2021 (UTC)
    • Does it only shake its:
      • Head in Bat Form?
      • Tail in Cobra Form?
      • No other action other than flipping for Scoliosis Form?


We would like to thank 21specters, aravshetikolava, i12believe, Ignis, nathanj, Nico Buis, ThatRandomWayfarer and Qtzl3000 for their contributions to this article with videos, clarifications, and answers to questions.


  • War Machine 1 is what turns into this Named WM. It is also known as "WM1" or "WMa".
  • Unmotivated War Machine turns into a version of the Happy War Machine, where it does flips once in OOB.


I know this is called "Happy War Machine" but it does an excellent job of making me feel every other emotion while investigating. Haha! "
~ SharifaSeshat

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  1. If flyers are attacked, it ruins the Happy WM setup according to videos on the article.
  2. Cobra (S-curved, upright), Scoliosis (C-curved to one side), Bat (Tail up, head down). Names for the forms are just something to quickly recall WM shapes during investigation. - ThatRandomWayfarer
  3. This spot is known as "WM1 Hide Position" on this level map by Qtzl3000.
  4. Known as "WM1 after Flyers" on Qtzl3000's map.
  5. "Ambush Setup" marked in purple on Qtzl3000's map.
  6. Directions by aravshetikolava.
  7. This will make your connection infinite. If your companion gets attacked and falls, you will not disconnect. - aravshetikolava
  8. Going together might mess up the Happy WM trigger, we recommend your companion to stay slightly behind you.
  9. Directions for 1st-3rd Viewing are from observing commonalities between Nico Buis and Ignis's videos, where you can observe Happy WM several times.
  10. WM is located slightly below the Southeast # wall height.
  11. WM is at a slightly higher altitude, above the Southeast # walls of the Flyers Eaten Room. Note: Nico didn't need to rescue flyers again in their video in this specific instance, probably it looked like some got destroyed at the very end of the WM passing by (not sure why Happy WM still resulted in their video if that is the case?)
  12. Directions by ThatRandomWayfarer.