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Hidden Chirp Symbol
Hidden Chirp BB.jpg
OOB, companion

Not to be confused with Hidden symbol.

Hidden chirp symbol is a sight found in some out-of-bounds areas. Located at the south-east corner of the base terrain map, somewhat below, it looks like a glowing chirp symbol and can be seen from a fair distance despite the fog.

How to find it[]

  • PS4 confirmed: in Chapter Select, Broken Bridge, Tower, Snow and Paradise levels; very hard to spot in Paradise because of other symbols floating in that area, and strong winds.
  • PC Steam: the symbol has been confirmed in all levels except Pink Desert.
  • Other platforms: this sight should exist on every platform if the player can reach the location to observe it.

It likely exists on all levels but is not visible due to terrain layout or lighting (see trivia below).

One reliable strategy to reach the hidden chirp symbol is as follows:

  • Enter the level and wait for someone to connect (except in CS where you don't have to wait). Do not chirp, not even once.
  • Go out-of-bounds and reach the east side of visible terrain.
  • Follow along the edge towards south until you approach the corner of the map. If the symbol is there it will be visible from a fair distance. It's right at the corner, slightly below the surface. In the Tower level you can see it from the distance but can't get close because of the blackness plane.

In general, no chirping is key. If you chirp, the symbol will immediately disappear (probably because it's now used as part of your own chirp bubble). However, some users reported that the symbol remains visible even if you chirp, and that in some cases two symbols (the player's and the last companion's) can be seen overlapped. Details are still unclear.

Sunken City tips[]

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif The hidden chirp symbol was also found in the Sunken City level, though it is hard to spot.

Because the start of the Sunken City level is much higher, the symbol is very, very far below the start area compared to other (flatter) levels. As such the symbol can probably only be seen when playing at a rather high screen resolution (2K confirmed, see screenshot below), and even then it's barely a few pixels in size. Thanks to its bright, glowing appearance though it is relatively easy to spot with the right display settings once you know where to look for it. It doesn't appear any bigger when around the South-East corner (because of the altitude), compared to the North-East corner (like in the picture below).



  • Journey maps are oriented in the 3D space along Z-X plane (Z axis being south-north and X axis being east-west), with height being Y axis. The spot where the glowing chirp symbol is found is at the origin (0,0,0) which is likely just the default location for the chirp element, and as soon as you chirp that element is moved to the wayfarer's location to play the chirp animation (bubble + symbol).
  • It won't be unreasonable to assume that the same basic mechanic is used on all levels. Getting to that point in Sunken City is very hard but possible (the start of the map is way higher than the zero plane). Underground is under investigation: the terrain is at similar height as CS or BB, but apparently the symbol (if it's there) is not visible due to inky black surroundings.
  • If two players are connected (except for CS), and neither player chirps, then it's possible to observe two chirp symbols overlapping.
  • The hidden symbol in the Tower level (when it appears) can be seen all the way from the roof top as well as from the east side of the map.


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