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Hidden symbol
Hidden symbol PD 0278 pc.png
Pink Desert (OOB)
Infinite Boost (IB) or Super Boost
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Not to be confused with Hidden chirp symbol.

Medium-SMALL-75x43.gif Hidden symbol is a sight found in the Pink Desert level. Located high above the city wall, on the east side is a glowing symbol which looks like one of the collectible Symbols. It is the same symbol that spawns in the round ruin from the shooting star when you trigger that event.

Hard-SMALL-75x43.gif It is possible to collect this symbol in which case it will no longer appear in the ruin.

This sight has been known since PS3 version and can be reached or observed on every platform.

How to find it[]

It is possible to see it from within the level boundaries from the HL tower (War Machine Factory) without any advanced tricks, so long as the player avoid the valley where the round ruin is, and nearby hills.

The following steps allow to discover the symbol reliably:

  • Take a detour along the west side of the map avoiding the round ruin where the shooting star lands; it's not exactly clear where the triggers are, but if you follow the wind wall along the west side of the map until the mini-tower you should be safe.
  • Dive into the Factory from the west side (optionally picking the symbol from the mini-tower on the west side).
  • Reach the HL area and climb on top of the broken columns on the north-east side (not required but gives a better view for orientation).
  • Look high above towards north-east (to the right from the sun) with your line of sight following the broken bridge section below (the one that points north-east, with a small broken part near the main wall). Refer to the images below.

The only way to get close to that symbol is from out of bounds area. Once in OOB, the player would have to either infinite boost high enough or super boost together with a companion (as can be seen in the video below).


Video by Gilorien on PS3. Length: 3 minutes.


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The symbol looks so flippin' cool up there in the sky.
~ Rebi

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