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The vision at the end of levels is often called "History Lesson", see Shrines.

HL Banner in Out of Bounds levels, is the history from the vision, suspended as "image" in the air,

History Lesson Banner (HL Banner)
HL banner BB.jpg
In the OOB of CS, BB, PD, SC, Underground (OOB)
differs from level to level
knowledge of OOB entrances (sometimes Fancy Flying
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Alternative Names:[]

HL Board, HL scroll. All (and maybe other) names are used interchangeable.

What is it?[]

Those boards can be visited in some OOB levels.

The Sunken City HL Banner is the only, that you can visit "on ground level" and inspect it, without having to fly.

For additional, more detailed information about the HL Banners see: In-depth analysis.

No HL Banner:[]

Tower level.

There is no HL banner in this level. The vision in Tower is special, you can see the Wayfarer the whole time. There is no scroll in oob because it appears during cutscene where the Wayfarer stands. Normally its invisible.

Snow level.

In this level, the vision also differs from the "History Lessons" that you get in other levels. No banner, because there is no scroll shown, instead you get to see the revive. The end of this vision, is actually loaded and played as part of the Paradise level (see Paradise OOB article).

Paradise level.

Where the game ends, hence no suspended scroll.


Only the HL Banner in the (most difficult to enter) Pink Desert OOB, is at the South-West.

The other HL Banners are around the North-West; however their precise locations vary by level


See Category:Maps for detailed OOB maps showing History Lesson locations on each level (where they exist).

Chapter Select[]

HL Banner in Chapter Select

Broken Bridge[]

HL Banner in Broken Bridge

When you enter through the Headbonkers Cave, walk behind the glyph and fly up to the top. Turn to the left and fly over the rocks (those are not solid and if you fall down you might fall into a trigger to skip the vision and skip to PD).

Then walk direction PD, still slightly to the left. It's not too far. At the point where the sky becomes dark turn to the mountain, there are some bigger sand dunes.

Beware of the Pink Desert level triggers, Blackness is also close to the line where this HL Banner is located.

Pink Desert[]

HL Banner in Pink Desert

Sunken City[]

HL Banner in Sunken City


HL Banner in Underground

HL Banner in Underground. Environment becomes white when getting closer.

Additional Images and Videos[]

For galleries and videos that show the way/surrounding of HL Banners, to make it easier to find them.

Ravingmadness: there are probably some more images already uploaded and maybe implemented at oob articles (need to search).

In-depth analysis[]

Add any info beyond location and looks description here.

Levels with no HL Banner[]


Banners are used for cutscenes in other levels, but the Tower cutscene happens in the open space slightly above the HL/bridge:

  • The Ancestor figure (C_SpiritMesh) appears near the start of the bridge
  • The painting is a texture (RuinsPainting7 if playing with a companion or RuinsPainting7_SP otherwise) which is wrapped around a huge invisible cylinder right above the HL area, and a few more similar shapes exist with cloud effects etc.

These objects are loaded in their actual locations as part of the level, but are "turned off" and therefore invisible until the cinematic sequence is played. They are then turned off again so they are not visible outside the History Lesson cutscene and going out of bounds won't help locating them.


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