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Visiting Nick
Nick dusty.png
Chapter Select (OOB)
Dive Boost (DB) or

Charge Boost (CB), entrances to OOB here are really hard to enter (depending on FPS, low seems to work better)

PS3-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif IOS-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif

What is it?[]

At the end of the first level Chapter Select (CS) before you go through the corridor that leads to Broken Bridge (BB) you can see a Journeyer, that seems to wait for you, but they run away when you enter the corridor.

This is the Nick most people know about.

How and where to do it[]

To reach him, you need to get into the Out of Bounds area in Chapter Select. Meeting Nick is possible on all platforms, though there are different entrances for PS3, PS4 and PC (not every entrance works on every platform).

IOS-SMALL-75x43.gif Assuming you use a controller, you should be able to reach the OOB area. From there is just a little walk/fly.

Once you are OOB fly around the last building in CS to the place where Nick is normally waiting for you.

Nick with a different robe[]

Nick will always be a first run Reddie with the Snowflake Symbol, except in the following cases:

  • Having met a Companion, go back to Chapter Select (via the option menu) without finishing your own Journey. Do not quit the game, go directly to CS and then visit Nick.[1] See also Trivia below.
  • Consider to not intentionally dust on people, just to check on Nick. He will have the cloak of your last companion also when they dusted on you or you got disconnected.[2]

Pictures and Videos[]

Pushing Nick to the hub (Time-lapse)[]

There are some people that pushed Nick all the way back. If you find more videos of this, feel free to add them here.

This video also shows what happens when you push Nick to the Hub and then watch the vision.

Video by Domes2072 on PS3. Length: 3:30 minutes.

Pushing Nick to the Wardrobe[]

Nick does not change color, when pushed to the White Banners.

Video by Rio on PS4. Length: 00:24 minutes.


  • Their robe will look like your last companion. If your companion was sitting, Nick will also sit (can be seen on a screenshot above). Interesting though, is that in this case, Nick had his usual appearance, besides the sitting (Snowflake Symbol and being a first run).[3] "I was playing with a red and he kept like falling off one of the platforms in the tower and i felt bad so i'm all like chirping to replenish his scarf but he dusted then i just left". Graham "If he is sitting, because of the last companion dusted, why is he still a first run with snowflake? Nick is really confusing imo." Ravingmadness "Yeah, I thought he looked like a first run there, which should have only happened on iOS (although it's been reported rarely on other platforms)" Ten
  • When you get the Infinite Flight glitch on PS4, Nick disappears.[4] Infinite Flight glitch on PC makes Nick stick to you and be your twin-companion in all levels except the Chapter Select.
  • Nick was originally placed at the end of the Broken Bridge level (running away as the player were running up a sand dune) but that was later changed to a much more subtle encounter in Chapter Select. This was mentioned in the developer's commentary video found in PS3 Journey Collector's Edition.
  • By touching a specific trigger next to the normal BB trigger but in OOB side, you can make Nick walk to the end of the hallway while staying in CS level. When touching the trigger you will hear a short melody. This trigger is shown on the following pic, and it works on both sides of the hallway. If Nick is pushed outside the corridor he will still walk to the end of it but will stay under.
  • The same behavior can be triggered in-bounds: taking small steps after the exit gate (opened after HL), it is possible to activate Nick's sequence triggers one by one and observe each in action:
    • Music trigger + camera focal length shift (Nick gets visibly bigger and appears closer)
    • Nick trigger (he runs away and jumps off the far end of the corridor)
    • End level trigger (right where the floor texture changes), fade to white
  • NeedsToBeChecked-SMALL-75x43.gif If you were to push Nick far away before touching his trigger you could actually hurry back to the end of the corridor to see Nick walk towards the end of it.
  • There's a speedrun category that consists in pushing Nick from the corridor to the beginning in the shortest time possible.
  • Technically Nick entity is also the companion, it can be puppetted through RemoteHijack when a companion is not connected. You briefly see Nick in levels when a dust/disconnection happens or experience connection weirdness.


  1. This is common community knowledge and tests about Nick sitting and even faceplanting were made. drayice 2020-03-27 on discord: "i got a different Nick! he had the same appareance as my last companion i got to see him cause last companion dusted" (and i went to chapter select)
  2. drayice 2020-03-25 (about testing Nicks appearance in different robes): maybe i'll try coming back to CS some day if someone dusts i wouldn't have the heart to do it on purpose
  3. Graham 2020-07-14, on Discord (#glitching)
  4. Rebi on discord


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