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We're Renovating
This article is actively being renovated. Its contents is likely to be updated regularly to better the quality of the article.

About this wiki[]


A wiki is seldom totally finished. There are new releases, patches and even new finds: in 2019 new discoveries on PS4 were made, but the according article is missing right now. This wiki is still at the start and everyone that plays Journey can help with investigations and verifying information.


This is (to our knowledge) the first ever Journey-Wiki that provides information about the extra stuff. You might recognize that some articles about the levels are not done yet, while some articles for Expert Mode are almost finished.

Many people consider finding out stuff on their own or at least trying things out before just looking up a help guide. Especially for Journey this is a good thing to do. The Wiki and Fan Discord still will be here, after your explorations.

We will try to add the spoiler tag on top of every "Expert" article, so users get the chance to not-read. Still, much rather basic information will be given in normal articles. Its up to the user, when they feel ready to read up stuff (although it might rob them some nice experiences ingame).

The goal is to lead newcomers slowly to the uncountable tricks you can learn, while also to providing information for those who travel since long time. In Journey skill and knowledge better build up slowly, to avoid missing basic things like "why is my Companion just vanishing when i do this".

We are sticking to the "old community terms". The community that formed when the game first came out on PS3 and was active on the now closed TGC Forum. New names/terms to describe NPCs or places that do not have a descriptive name yet need to be found too.

If you like you can join

Further information about the Wiki[]

This article covers information like "what means North on the wiki" and how icons like this PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif are used.

It also contains some guidelines for editing and general wiki design. As many articles on this wiki its still being updated.

You can find this article, simply by typing "stylesheet" into the search bar.

pasted from use-wiki article to work on[]

Different Versions: PlayStation, iOS, Epic Games, Steam[]

With the release of the PC version, we are starting to investigate on differences.

Please note that the Wiki was made:

  • To give newcomers the choice to discover Journey as fast or slow as they like. Guides and FAQs are in the making.
  • To provide tips on travelling together (disconnects and how the game looks for the other person).
  • To catalog the not so obvious stuff in Journey (see: Expert Mode).

It seems that many glitches and tricks are still existent on the PC version and on iOS. Playing on iOS without controller though, will probably make many glitches and tricks impossible.

The Wiki started with:

  • Covering the PlayStation versions
  • Is being updated for the PC version
  • The iOS version is the least covered
  • Information about Steam specifics will be added as soon as there is information available


Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif Icons like this are rather new at the Wiki and still need to be implemented at articles. Work in progress. You can click on an icon to see its description, where it's used and what it means.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif Since a new versions of Journey came out, the Wiki needs to adjust to that too. If not especially mentioned, PC icon means both versions or it's mentioned after the icon, which version is meant. Whenever differences are found out, we will mention them. Most things should work on Steam like they do on the Epic Games version (depending on personal setup). Ravingmadness (talk) 14:23, 14 June 2020 (UTC)

PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif "Device checkmark" stands for: it's verified for this version. Several people confirmed that it exists and/or proof in form of videos or images does exist. The article might mention that it "seems" to exist on other versions. This means there is not enough proof yet, to put the checkmark icon to it.

PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif "Device" is used to mark articles or parts of an article that concern this specific version/device of Journey.

PS4-only-SMALL-75x43.gif "Only" Icons will be used to mark an article or part of an article as "this is known to exist only on this version/device". Since the PC and iOS versions are rather new, many things still need to be checked. There are glitches that were thought to not exist, but turned out to be just harder to accomplish on another version. If you got patience, you can try get that thing on another version and report/edit to the wiki.

PS Versions: The community investigated the differences for years.

NeedsToBeChecked-SMALL-75x43.gif will be used for things/tricks that are known to exist/happen, but need to be verified for a certain version. The icon should be used to indicate, that specifics still need to be found out. If you know about the thing that is marked with this icon, you can contribute and edit your information to that article. The more people confirm stuff, the better.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif This icon will be used to mark articles or parts of an article that are for investigations. Stuff that is known to happen, but the specifics to reproduce it are unknown.

Ancestor-SMALL-45x45.gif Ancestor: Stands for all things concerning the Expert Mode. Everything marked with the Ancestor should be considered spoiler in the broadest sense.

Further icons concerning Expert Mode are explained here: The Difficulty Meter


The mountain or the end of the level is always North!!

Left / Right is used when it's from a specific point. "When looking towards x, then turn left".

Quotes on the Wiki[]

We put a "Quotes" section in many articles.

Those are like pinwalls for your funny sayings, theories or funny alternative names etc.

If you got serious alternative names we will make them into a redirect.

Feel free to use the template:quote to state a personal view on the topic covered in that article. Please keep your quotes appropriate.

Videos and Pictures[]

Since Journey is a very visual game, the Wiki heavily relies on YouTube videos and screenshots provided by Journey fanatics and community members. We would like to thank everyone that put time and work into making them.

The caption of a video just tells you on which version it was recorded.

Some tricks work only on a specific platform-version of Journey. If a certain trick works only on a certain console, it will mentioned.

Bugs, Glitches, OOB[]

If one of those works only on one version or is just nonexistent on another, we will mention it in the article (or at top of that article, work in progress).

If there is no specific device information, it means its not verified or tested on that device.

In this article, information about things that concern only a specific version of Journey should be gathered.

Main Articles[]

Some topics have their own gate/main article, it will:

  • Explain basics that you should know before reading the detailed articles about this topic
  • Provide links to articles about the topic and other useful links
  • Looks like that:
Main article: Levels

Intro Articles for Newcomers[]

  • Guide: Your first journey and the following guides will also provide you with links to articles. The intention of this is to not overwhelm you with advanced things, when you are still learning how to travel the normal way.
  • How to play guide for Journey, controls, links to important items in Journey, general help on how to fly etc.
  • How to play together / connect with a friend, works best on PS3, less reliable on PS4 and PC. Please do not dust on too many random companions, they want someone to travel with too. This guide will also give tips on how to avoid to meet "the wrong person" when trying to connect with a friend.
  • Hints for the regularly travelling Wayfarer, on settings, remapping, getting started fast, savefile backups etc.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Expert Mode - Main articles
Expert Mode


Out of Bounds

Fancy Flying

Spoilers end here.

Navigation help - links sorted by expertise[]

On this Wiki we are trying take you on another Journey, exploring and learning the game, step by step.

Its split into

  • Category:Journey, which provides basic information about the game. Information about the levels, NPCs, Trophies, some hints to not lose your Companion and so on.
  • Category:Expert Mode is for everything beyond what people would see within their first journeys (depending on Companions they meet or exploring and experimenting alone).

In other games you also have to learn some basics before playing harder difficulty, Journey is no exception.

Example: glitching NPCs; if you do not know how they can behave the normal ways, you do not realize the differences when glitched. If you like to experience Expert Mode things with your Companion you need to know Tandem Flying works or it will be hard to impossible to reach certain places together.

Tips for the first Journey and finishing it."

Articles for newcomers[]

Some players assume that Journey is a stunning but simple game "not much to see besides trophies". Journey has much more to offer than being able to find symbols consistently or sliding through 15 gates. Everyone travels and enjoys the game in different ways, many come back to the game over and over again. They want to relax, meet other people, explore and experiment with the game mechanics and so on.

We recommend to do at least one "blind run", without looking up anything before playing the game.

The first Journey guide gives tips for the first Journey, graphic settings, length etc. Browse through the further guides to get ideas what else to do on your Journeys.

Help articles
Guide: Your first Journey Settings, general tips, and further gameplay articles.
Guide: 2nd-5th Journey Ideas for your next few journeys, videos on connection, and tips for travelling with companions in general.
Guide: 6th Journey and onwards Hints on what to do after checking the things in the first two guides.
How to play guide Controls, links to important items in Journey, general help on how to fly, etc.
Wayfarers Travelers and their appearance, and robe patterns.
Companions The friends you meet, tips, links. Start of a list about common Companion types and their behavoir.
Scarf and Chirp "Scarfpower" and the singing help to fly further and activate things.
Trophies Will help to earn Trophies (Playstation only, but the "Easter Eggs" and collectibles are also on the PC version).
The Levels (work in progress). This will give away the amount of levels in the game (spoiler).
Chapter Select (CS)
Broken Bridge (BB)
Pink Desert (PD)
Sunken City (SC)
Underground (UG)

Playing offline[]

You CAN play offline. However, this means you will not meet any companions.

Pro: If you know you are an explorer and want to take your time looking around, taking breaks or want to find the things by yourself. This might be an option for you.

Contra: A Journey without Companion is lonely. The bond that you might form, adds to the game experience. A companion may help you (charging your scarf to fly together) or be as curious as you.

"I know the game pretty well."

This means you know how to handle those: Chirp, Scarf, Companions/Wayfarers, Tandem Flying, Trophies etc. Trophies meaning knowing how to get them, without having to search around. Maybe already thinking about different ways how to lead Companions to Symbols and Trophies or just hint so they can find them.

I think my Companion is hacking, are they?

"Hacking" is possible and even easier on the PC version, but there are many things in Journey that may look like someone is using external programs to change the game, but they are not!

Entities can be invisible or at a different place from your point of view. Especially using different flying techniques to fly real high or running fast on the ground could look like speed cheat (see advanced / Expert Mode Journey).

"Exploits" or playing with bugs of the game is a huge thing in Journey. Not everyone likes every or even none of those. Community members use them to have fun and expand their (and your) Journey experiences.

Further tips:

Ancestor-BIG-90x90.gif I know or want to learn more about Journey.

The article Expert Mode is an intro to the advanced things in Journey. Expert is just a word to describe its beyond the most standard gameplay. For some things just the right timing or patience is needed.

You might want to have a look at the

Main article: The Difficulty Meter

to get an overview on whats considered easy or hard to do in Journey on this Wiki.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Expert Mode topics and links
* Fancy Flying is the upper term we chose for all advanced flying techniques. If you ever thought you met a hacker, because they were flying really high or running fast on ground, this is the article to look up.
  • Glitches collection of links to articles about bugging the game. Its fun to try to make them happen, trying and failing and being happy when you get it, being more happy when you can share them with your companion or tell a friend about your experiences. Many Glitches are also connected with going:
  • Out of Bounds areas. You could consider them as extra levels and those are even bigger then the actual level. Full of weird stuff, nice views and adventure!
  • Challenges, was a community term used for the following: a companion starts for example to Zen Jump onto the statue, then waiting for you to do the same (and also trying more), also works with flying challenges or Faceplant Jump. Its not about "winning", its about the fun of trying and eventually succeeding
  • Other Tricks. List of easy to perform glitches or little, well, tricks. Adding some spice to your journey without breaking it :)
Spoilers end here.