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You will meet 4 Carpets, that hover in the air.

This article could be considered "slightly" Expert Mode.

Stuck, inactive carpets
Inactive carpets paradise 2 kandiana.png
Being able to fly efficiently with your scarf, have a Companion for Tandem Flying or able to use Fancy Flying.
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What is it?[]

In Paradise when you passed the Kelp Climb and go through the stone arc you enter the Jellyfish Pool. Once you touch the Jellyfish, some Carpets will come flying besides them, heading direction Whale pools.

This article will tell you how to get to the carpets, while they are still suspended midair. You can even touch them and they will purr and swirl.

Its rather easy to show this sight to a Companion or visit it alone.

You will need to bypass a certain trigger, to meet them. The carpets only appear when the Jellyfish are untethered.

If you like to know more, read further, though with some experimenting you might find out how to do it on your own!

They are located on the North-West side of the Jellyfish Pool (after the slide and kelp climb).

How and where to do it[]

Inactive carpets paradise 1 kandiana.png

To avoid making the Carpets fly into the Jellyfish Pool, you need to untether the Jellyfish.

The waterfall gate is the trigger to set up the next area properly.

If you don't hit it, you get some glitches with all the cloth friends. Whales act strangely, jellyfish aren't tethered in position, and you get those stuck carpets.

Right side[]

When you get to the sliding area, go around it slightly to the right to avoid being forced to slide, then climb the big snowy wall into the Jellyfish area.

Left side[]

At the end of the slide:

Climb the little mountains on the left side and go along their top until you can see the waterfall gate to the jellyfish area. Either fly up over to the left of the gate or dive boost over/left of the gate into the jellyfish area.


This is something i really like to try to show, even to second runs (not first runs of course).

When my Companion was following well and showing interest during the Journey, its normally easy to show the Carpets to them.

They will recognise, that there is more to explore, than they expected and it might spark their curiosity.

~ Ravingmadness

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