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Not to be confused with Infinite Boost.

Infinite Flight
IF PC version.jpg
Rare glitch. Easily reproduced on PC (Steam)
A few level restart sometimes
IF exists on PS4 too, though there is no twin. See Infinite Flight (IF) on PS4.

Infinite Flight (often abbreviated as IF by experienced players) is a rare glitch, it looks like a "twin Companion" that is attached to you and repeats all your movements. The Glitch allows the player to fly forever and also perform coasting or beaming down easily anywhere.

It has not yet been reported on the Epic Games version.

This Glitch is also known on PlayStation for years and experiences, but it looks different: it causes the Wayfarer to glow constantly as if touching a Companion, but there is no twin. Theories are covered here.


Infinite Flight glitch happens, when the game considers you as your partner and connects you to a Companion that follows your movement signals. Nick plays the role of your twin.

General Information, "behavior" of the Glitch[]

  • It will create a "double" or twin that is stuck to you.
  • Thus charging you all the time and making you able to constantly fly.
  • The twin has the same robe patterns and scarf length, but the name-Symbol is a different one.
  • When standing, sitting, or faceplanting, the twin will push you slowly.
  • It was never reported that one got a Companion, when having the twin.
  • IF can cause some WM glitches - WM gets stuck in the air in the Underground.
  • Quitting to Chapter Select temporarily disconnects you from the twin. "Quit to title" still keeps the connection to the twin.
  • If you get to the Companions Met Along the Way-list, you will see your own name as the Companion.

PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif Comparison of IF(PC) with IF(PS)

The PS4 version of IF has no twin. Two versions of IF glitch are known on PlayStation versions. One is connected to the Black Cloth (PS4 only glitch), the other is probably caused by invisible carpet stuck to you (UG IF on PS3: hypothesis not confirmed yet). You can infinite fly only in CS level on PS4, while you can explore all the levels but CS with IF on PC. The twin of IF glitch will push you when standing/sitting on PC, while it does not happen when having IF on PS4.

'Infinite flight' is more like you're constantly touching a companion, like you are glowing and floating- not flying normally with infinite scarf energy. — Rebi
This quote about the PS4 IF is confirmed by the appearance of the PC version of IF, where a Wayfarer is attached to you.

How to get it?[]

Basic method to get IF glitch on PC (Steam):[]

  1. Launch the game offline by forcefully cutting the internet connection (any method such as un-plug the cable/turn-off wifi/block firewall of Steam.exe) while the Steam itself is in online mode (it should try to find cloud save files unsuccessfully and then launch).
  2. Once the game is launched, put your internet connection back on at any moment to get a chance to connect with the twin. The connection to the twin is only possible in normal connecting levels (BB to Snow).
  3. Take some distance (walk/fly away) from the place you were at when going back online. If you go online in Chapter Select or the main menu and proceed to enter any level from there, the position of your wayfarer spawn at the level start (e.g., first platform of BB) is regarded as the place you get back online.

The PC IF glitch connection works as if your doppelganger gets stuck at the place you become online, and connects to you when you take some distance from that place. Just like you would need some distance when connecting to a normal player.

This IF setting doesn't restrict connecting to a real player. It is still possible to connect with a real player if they are at the perfect connecting position, however, as you re-enter another level alone you should be able to get the twin again, unless you close the game. If you get connected to a real player once and they disconnect in the middle of a level, "the place of disconnection" works as "the place you become online". Therefore, if you move away from the place you lost your Companion and no real players are within your connection distance, you'll get the twin.

Note sometimes it is possible to connect to no-one after entering a level (neither getting IF glitch nor a Companion). Just enter the level again if this happens.


Stuck animation at shrines/HL[]

What is the problem?[]

Most people with IF glitch get stuck sooner or later with endless walking animation upon entering the light circle to watch the vision. Apparently it happens when the twin gets on the way to the place where you should sit. When the stuck animation happens, the only way out from it is to go Chapter Select or quit to tile or quit the game. You will lose your twin if you go to CS, but you'll be able to get a new twin (has different symbol than the last one) as soon as you go to any normal level, unless a real Companion is close and joins you or just messes the glitch. If you restart the level by using "quit to title" and "continue", the same twin will stay connected to you and two of you will enter the level together (sometimes the twin will be sitting and sliding behind you) !

How to avoid it from happening?[]

The tip is to prevent your twin from entering the circle first, let him push you into the circle instead. A similar situation can occur at the end of the game before going into the light. The twin will not allow you to finish the game if he is placed ahead of you, but it is also possible to prevent it, if you walk ahead of him (can be really tricky sometimes).

Video by Knock-knock-joke on Steam. Length: 2:07 minutes.

Potential disconnection at the end of Snow[]

What is the problem?[]

Sometimes, you may get disconnected from the twin at the end of the Snow level. Your twin sits down in stead of falling down with you after the death march, then you'll find yourself alone in Paradise. This happens because the twin pushes you all the time toward random directions, which potentially make you get out of the death area by pushing you too much to the south (downhill). The same condition applies if you take normal route to reach the death trigger or if you approach there from OOB.

How to avoid it from happening?[]

In order to go to Paradise together with the twin, you have to die north to the death trigger. You can confirm whether you hit the death trigger or not by seeing the mountain vanishing into the clouds. After mountain vanishes, keep walking north (uphill/toward the mountain) instead of standing still or going down. As long as you stay north, both of you can enjoy the paradise together.

How to get rid of it?[]

YOU CAN'T Some players have become experts in killing Nick (the doppelganger's name). But it always comes with a cost...

Some stories tell how a few wayfarers are still haunted by Nick's ghost and never really got rid of him. The legend says if he is pissed he can even start stealing your symbols in Chapter Select !

Which is why maybe the best way to say goodbye to him and stay in good terms is simply to quit to desktop by the end of your Journey with Infinite Flight!

It is also possible to temporarily disconnect from your twin in game by cutting the internet off (for example, to perform specific glitches), but not the all methods may work. This way may help: go to network status - change adapter options - chose your network with right-click - disable. The twin will dust like any normal Companion. You can connect him again, if you enable the network (but sometimes the twin may not appear).

Kill Nick carefully and wisely!


Video that shows PC-IF in Snow. The twin is dying/falling first, as a Companion would do.

Video by David Moore' on PC. Length: 28:04 minutes.

Video by seki albatross on PC. Length: 5:16 minutes.

Video by Bongsadist' on Steam. Length: 56:46 SC OOB minutes.

Call for investigation[]

Infinite Flight is an astonishing and rare glitch on all platforms, and so far it has been reproduced and explored a little more only on PC. At the start of April 2021, a huge progress was made on PC IF glitch in a short term. Several people on the Journey Discord started the investigation of this Glitch after a new report.

well, we know how to kill Nick in Snow :) Still, it's really hilarious how things changed in the last three days. First, we tried to get Nick, then to not get him (failed) and now to get rid of him — kandiana, discord #glitching. 2021-04-01.

Here you can find the past glitch reports. We still have a lot of questions how and why it does work, many things may remain unclear and we may get many surprises for the future investigations. It can help in obtaining other glitches, as well as in the research of IF on PS4 and its reproducing. Here are some of the questions that interest us at the moment:

Infos to check:[]

  • Does it happen on the Epic Games version too?
  • It was reported that IF may appear after disconnection from a Companion. Did you have any disconnections and what are the details?
  • If you have other names than yours in Companions Met Along the Way-list, try to contact the person and ask what happened on their side.
  • Is it possible to meet a companion while having IF? On PS3, we can get a companion while having IF (see video). Is the same thing possible on PC versions?
  • IF glitch is known to break some things in the game by its presence. Did you notice some unusual bugs/glitches while having IF?

How and where to report the glitch?[]

Either on one of the Discords (see front page) or the Talk Page, as well as a summary of what happened. Its advantageous if its possible to contact you and ask about specifics etc. This is possible if you make an edit when logged in, as well when speaking up on Discord.

Make sure to include (a) nickname, date, and following info:

  • Platform. (Steam/Epic)
  • What could have caused the glitch. (Launching the game offline/disconnecting the companion/something else)
  • Specifics, that you want to point out. Make sure its not one of those, that are already mentioned/known at the Overview.

In-depth analysis[]


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... you never fly alone anymore.

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~ Ravingmadness

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