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Infinite Flight
IF in CS1.jpg
Not reproducible yet. Rare glitch.
A companion whose game crashes. There are two types of this glitch. IF in Underground is on PS3
IF exists on PC too. You will get a Wayfarer stuck to you. See Infinite Flight (IF) on PC.

Not to be confused with Infinite Boost.

Infinite Flight (often abbreviated as IF by experienced players) is a rare glitch, the look of it is depending on platform:

  • PlayStation: causes the Wayfarer to glow constantly as if touching a Companion. This Glitch is known for years and experiences / theories are covered below.
  • Steam (maybe epic too): produces a "twin Companion" that is attached to you. Specifics about this are still under investigation.

This allows the player to fly forever, even without a scarf (in certain levels under certain conditions). Details of this glitch remain unclear.


The Infinite Flight seems to be a glitch that occurs when the Companions console/game crashes or a specific way of disconnecting happens. Your Companions game crashes and you are given this rare gift. — Rebi

On the PlayStation versions, two kinds of this glitch are known. A Talk:Infinite Flight (IF) on PS4 article can be added for more discussion and information!

  • PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif Black Cloth disconnect bug as indicator for getting IF. See Infinite Flight (IF) on PS4#Black Cloth disconnect bug. The black cloth glitch is connected / sometimes appears before getting Infinite Flight (IF). Either go to Paradise and finish the Journey or just use the option "Chapter Select" in the menu to actually activate the Infinite Flight. "Infinite flight for Chapter Select, Tower, and Paradise as far as i know is tied to black cloth/game crashing and the infinite flight in UG has something to do with the longtail carpet."[1]
  • PS3-SMALL-75x43.gif PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif Underground Infinite Flight. It is unclear if it appears on PS3 only or on both PlayStation versions. It is different from the black cloth/game crashing kind, there are variations of causing the glitch and also the effect that it has.[2]

  • PC-SMALL-75x43.gif Comparison with PS4 IF

The PC version of IF produces a Wayfarer stuck to you, a twin. Infinite flying feels like the PlayStation version, but does not seem to be connected with Black Cloth and "just appears".

While on PS4 you infinite fly in CS, you will lose the twin when going to CS. It seems that both versions work in some levels and turn off or crash the game/get stuck in others.

The twin will push you, when standing, this does not seem to happen when having PS4 IF.

For investigations we should compare the PC and PlayStation glitch:

'Infinite flight' is more like you re constantly touching a companion, like you are glowing and floating- not flying normally with infinite scarf energy. — Rebi

This quote is confirmed by the appearance of the PC version of IF, where a Wayfarer is attached to you. It seems that on the PS4 version you just get merged with that Wayfarer or its invisible.

Here is what we found out so far:

PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif Black Cloth disconnect bug[3][]

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif The Black Cloth or a disconnecting Companion can be only an indicator for IF, its not said that IF must happen when you get Black Cloth.

For the disconnection bug the theory is, that your invisible Companion is stuck to you, thus charging you constantly.

  • This kind of IF is triggered in the same levels where Black Cloth appears: Tower and Paradise level.[4] This does not mean, you get the IF instant in those levels.
  • It means you got the Black Cloth glitch when your Companion disconnected from you, though the black cloth lasts only ~3 seconds (usually).
  • You might have noticed that when the disconnect happened, you glowed for a few seconds.
  • If you ever notice Black Cloth, you can go immediately to Chapter Select to get IF. "You could go back to CS immediately but i would recommend continuing to Paradise to see if you have IF there"[2] Since Rebi said connecting with a Companion will make you lose the IF, it should be recommended to go offline to go to Paradise.
  • It will always be available in Chapter Select (CS) until your game closes or you connect to someone new. [2]
  • If you go offline, you can go to almost any level, but you won't have Infinite Flight there. "You can trigger the glitch in the Tower or Paradise and still only have the glow in CS. But sometimes you see it immediately in the aforementioned levels."[5] ". . . IF in paradise, which can persist into CS and in rare cases to BB."[6]


Black Cloth flashes in Tower

Companion vanished

(Go offline) and proceed to Paradise

Might glow constantly there, thus IF

if it does not appear in Paradise, either use the Chapter Select option in the menu or finish the game normally

Start new Journey, might have the glow/IF in the Chaper Select level

Go to Broken Bridge level, glow will most likely vanish

Use menu option Chapter Select

Glow / IF again in first level


  • Connecting with a Companion will make you lose the IF, consider going offline.
  • Playing the game until the vision in Pink Desert is ok. But going close to the last tower or into the light cirlce will crash the game. See Quote below, investigation.
  • Going to certain levels via Chapter Selection, will make the game crash.[2] "Some portals in chapter select will crash your game. You can proceed normally until PD HL, that crashes the game too. ... " The quote should be put in a new cite, which doesnt work atm RM~~~~

  • PD crashes near the factory
  • UG crashes on entry
  • SC is ok.

thats how it was for me and rebi."

The infinite flight is effective only in CS level (there are rare exceptions), but it is "stored" until you return to this level. — aravshetikolava

You can go into BB or Tower or Snow and back to CS

(I didn't play much, but the levels would load and I could walk a bit unlike UG which crashed as soon as I stepped into the portal in CS). — Qtzl3000, 2020-06
I initially intended to avoid all the portals, besides snow.

I've never had issues with snow. — apno, Discord. 2021-02-04

You can proceed to paradise where all cloth creatures might be black and you might have infinite flight.

After the credits you will have infinite flight in chapter select and maybe permanent black cloth.

The glitch is persistent until someone connects to you (no more infinite flight, but it will still be unstable and crash soon) or you close the game.

Everything is pretty unstable after this bug. — Rebi, answering to someone who got Black Cloth in Tower

Investigation, Information collection[]

Triggering the Infinite Flight isn't restricted to three levels?[]

"the last time i had it in the CS, i lost a Companion in BB and saw them dust immediately after the HL."[7]

Since a Companion normally makes you lose the IF, this is an interesting case. Either the IF was triggered in BB or somehow was triggered before and did not vanish when meeting the Companion (info: IF triggered, does not mean flying immediately).

Observations from an editor (June 2020)[8][]

In June 2020 one of the editors of this Wiki experienced the glitch randomly and was able to collect the following additional information:

  • It happened after I finished a journey with a companion who was with me from PD till Snow but didn't appear in Paradise.
  • I finished the game all the way through end credits and "Start Journey" prompt, then turned off my PS4.
  • An hour or so later I turned it back on, pressed Start Journey and noticed that my Wayfarer is glowing whilst meditating. I then realised it was IF glitch and went exploring.
  • You can change to WR and back, the effect remains.
  • I was unable to get into CS OOB because I was floating and couldn't hit the right spot at the right speed.
  • You can sit through CS HL and there is no Nick in the corridor afterwards.
  • You can go into BB or Tower or Snow and back to CS (I didn't play much, but the levels would load and I could walk a bit unlike UG which crashed as soon as I stepped into the portal in CS).
  • In BB there was a weird sound, loud and repetitive as if I was always near a sand fall (even though I wasn't).
  • When going back to CS, the Shrine would instantly activate by itself (particles would fly into the middle and a glowing circle would appear). This happened every time I'd go back to CS, as soon as the Wayfarer appears above the central platform.
  • Whilst I was glowing and had infinite flight (and could do dive boosts etc.) I could only go as high as the lower edge of the CB ruin at which point the Wayfarer would hit an invisible ceiling and act funny. This is different to some of the previous observations where a Wayfarer with IF could go really high with no apparent limit.
  • Simply flying around the Wayfarer would glitch back and forth as if it was constantly colliding with something, resulting in some amazing dance moves like 720-degree spins and reverse somersaults. This (and the next observation) makes me think that the player and Nick become one -- that would also explain why the glitch would reset as soon as you meet someone online.
  • Perhaps most bizarrely, I noticed that my Wayfarer now had the Symbol that my last (and only) companion had in the previous journey. Since Nick also usually wears the symbol of the last player you met, I'm guessing the Wayfarer becomes Nick when this glitch happens?
Observations from Nichero4 (January 2022)[9][]

Nichero4 was travelling with Someone_s_bro. Nichero shared two Twitch videos, sadly Somone_s_bro video and point of view vanished.

Watch 16 minutes footage, Snow and start of Paradise on Twitch.

At timestamp i realized i couldnt see Someone_s_bro but we were connected.

Their game crashed at tower, i got black cloth for one second, then it went away,

Trying to reconnect i think i didnt realize i had IF, went into Snow and reconnected, but they were invisible on my screen and the black cloth stayed, with IF for the cherry on top.

Went away entering paradise (black cloth and IF). — Nichero4

Twitch chat informed Nichero4 about a possible/most likely game crash, when entering the Patrol Fields in Snow.[10]

Nichero4 bypassed the Patrol Fields via OOB and reached Paradise. Someone_s_bro became visible again! Black Cloth and IF vanished though.

PS3-SMALL-75x43.gif PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif The UG Infinite Flight[]

According to Rebi this kind of IF has been observed on PS3 and PS4 (see also Videos). Though another community member said that might be an error and UG IF is PS3 only. Since there is so little known about the IF glitch, its hard to verify things.

The UG IF with the carpet has been seen on ps3 and ps4 so far.[2] The working theory of this IF is "in UG with an invisible sticky carpet".[2] For more information refer to the YT videos posted below, they often describe what happend before the glitch appeared.

about companion crashing in ug gifting the infinite flight in chapter select. right? and i think yes, companion crashing in ug can give the infinite flight in cs
~ aravshetikolava
UG IF, does not prevent a connection or doesn't disappear when you are with a companion.

So far only three persons have mentioned it; zerathine, seven years ago, then seki and 12b on ps3, quite recently.

~ Ȃ̸̈́p̶͆̀n̸̾͠ó̸͘


PS4 Infinite Flight in Chapter Select

Video PS4 Infinite Flight[]

Video by seventhDec on PS4. Length: 2.83 minutes.

Observations from an editor (June 2020)[]

See headline above. PS4 IF.

IF in CS video compilation[]

Video by Rebi' on PS4. Length: 6.25 minutes.

Videos about the IF in underground glitch[]

Good description on what happened when i12believe got that glitch (on YT)[]

Video by i12believe on PS3. Length: 12.30 minutes.

20 minutes video, with captions[]

Video by seki albatross on PS3. Length: 21.50 minutes.

Another video with some information[]

Video by Tonton Hazuki on PS3 (? since its recorded from TV). Length: 2.50 minutes.


When you get infinite flight glitch on PS4, Nick disappears. Infinite flight glitch doesn't have the same physics as normal flying.

It's the same glow as when you are touching a companion or being chirped. It has a sinking, falling effect. I never found Nick after getting IF.

The interesting part is: when IF is happening, Nick is missing. And yet you glow and fly as though you're coasting with a companion. So the going theory is that you and nick merge into a wayfarer superbeing.

~ Rebi

Concerning above quote: You can try to find Nick. He will not be at his place. There is a theory, that says you are maybe merged with Nick and thats why he can not be there too. People that looked into the code of the game also had some hints to that.

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